The Dos & Don’ts Of Using Social Media, Post-Breakup

By Judith Tutin for

Who can resist the urge to look at their ex’s Facebook page? Admit it. It calls your name and whispers, “Check me out!” No harm, right?

An astute researcher in England begs to differ. A recent study concluded that the more time you spend on your ex’s Facebook page, the more psychological distress you experience, the greater your desire for your ex and the more difficulty you have moving on.

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Admit it. You are not really surprised. That’s because most of us realize that the toxic connections we have with our exes are stoked by talking about, thinking about and looking at stuff about them. While lurking on their Facebook page may not morph itself into stalking, it’s just not healthy.

Here are the rest of my online dos and don’ts:

-Don’t stalk your ex online. Don’t look at his Facebook page and don’t look at his Twitter feed, either. I strongly suggest de-friending your ex and un-following him. Otherwise you’ll wind up seeing posts you shouldn’t see. While you’re at it, de-friend your ex-in-laws and ex-friends as well.

-Don’t post things about your ex online. Posting about your ex online is just asking for trouble. If you want to have a private conversation about your ex with a friend, that’s great. Just don’t use a social media platform for it. Your goal should be to decrease the time you spend ex-watching and ex-bashing … the sooner, the better.

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-Don’t “friend” your ex’s new girlfriend on Facebook. This may seem self-evident, but you’d be surprised by how many people fall into this trap.

-Do consider cancelling your Facebook account. Remove yourself from Facebook and similar sites entirely if you know staying away from your ex is going to be really tough for you. I know it sounds radical, but do you really need to know where the high school friends you haven’t seen in umpteen million years got drunk last Saturday night?

-Do use social media to advertise your singledom and meet new people. I’m a big advocate of online dating post-divorce. If you feel like advertising your single status online is somehow unfair or disrespectful to your ex, get over it. You’re completely entitled to move on however you see fit, regardless of the circumstances of the demise of your relationship.

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-Do ignore posts you think are about you. Your ex, their friends and family may post things about some unnamed party you believe to be you. It may or may not be you. Even if you’re 100% sure it’s you, don’t bother responding. You’ll feel better taking the high road. Forgiveness is a virtue. Practicing it makes us happy.

Admit it. You know that if you want to feel better and move on with your life, surveilling your ex is not the way to go. Besides, de-friending is empowering.

This article originally appeared on The Post-Breakup Social Media Survival Guide.


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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

all spot on!

Gary S.
Gary Slade5 years ago

Good advice. And another reason why it's preferable to date computer-illiterate people.

Past Member 5 years ago

Absolutely right things to do for fresh start up in your life. Cos you deserve to be free in true sense. And moving on will be easier. Thumps up for this article!!

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

Really good advice. Truth be told, the average person does NOT want you read your drunk ramblings about how horrible your ex is and blah blah blah

Cyrille D.
Cyrille D5 years ago

I would agree with these pieces of advice. The less you know, the better it is.

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Sue Matheson5 years ago


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