The Fast Track to Finding Balance and Fulfillment

When I began to explore the power of appreciation, I realized that my deepest friendships were the ones Iíd appreciated, the ones I valued enough to look after. I also remembered the relationships that had crumbled. They didnít grow in value because I didnít appreciate them! The power of appreciation seemed so obvious, but I also knew how often this simple truth gets lost in judgment and insecurity. Appreciating each other is a true family value, one that will bail out much of the stress on the planet and help strengthen the universal bond all people have.

The word appreciation means to be thankful and express admiration, approval or gratitude. It also means to grow or appreciate in value. As you appreciate life, you become more valuable both to yourself and others. Appreciation is what I call a super power tool for personal growth and universal evolution. It rapidly shifts your energies from your head to your heart, bringing you a quick attitude adjustment and giving your mission in life a lift.

Appreciation: A Super Power Tool

Appreciation gives a high-voltage boost to your whole system, releasing soothing and invigorating hormones 2_Appreciation Tools & Exercises3in_100into your bloodstream that nourish every cell in your body. The result is an immediate improvement to your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Did you know that heart-focused, sincere, positive feeling states boost the immune system, while negative emotions can suppress the immune response for up to six hours? These actual heart-monitor readouts contrast the heart-rhythm pattern of someone experiencing frustration, then appreciation. The smooth heart rhythm, measured by heart-rate variability (HRV), is what scientists call a highly ordered or coherent pattern and is a sign of good health and emotional balance. (The Appreciative Heart eBooklet offers a scientific and comprehensive understanding of the heartís connection with appreciation and other positive emotions. You can download the 21-page eBooklet for free.)

As you value the challenges in your day-to-day life, you begin to see how they are designed for your growth. I found that my sincere effort to appreciate helped me gain more inner control, more power to manage my energy on those off days and off moments. Letís look at a few areas where appreciation provides significant benefit.

Appreciation in Periods of Overload

One day, I felt the overload of being a single parent. There was so much to take care of: supporting my son and myself, work responsibilities, school, my own growth, and how to balance all of it. It was one of those days I wished I could go somewhere to escape. Rent was due and sonís teacher had sent me a note saying heíd forgotten his homework three times in the previous week. I felt like a failure. So, I decided to use the Heart Appreciation Tool for five minutes. I sent appreciation to my own world. Appreciating in this situation was like looking through a wide angle lens that helped me see the entire forest, not just the one tree Iíd walked up on. And, I felt better afterwards.

In our culture, most people remember negative events more quickly than they do positive ones. Focusing on the negative comes easy to the head, while focusing on the positive comes easy to the heart. When a negative event sends a distress signal to the head, the head tries to figure out how to stop the stress. If it doesnít have an immediate answer, it goes into the analyzing, sorting, processing mode to try to find one. A powerful bailout in these stressful situations is appreciation.

Appreciation is a heart frequency, and with it, you receive new insights and can sincerely say, Iíll find the good in this situation no matter what. Appreciating something positive in a negative event sends a signal to the heart that magnetizes balanced understanding. So, why not remember the positives?

Appreciation Makes Tough Situations Better

It doesnít really matter what you appreciate as long as itís sincere. As you appreciate in the moment, the magnetics make positive returns come back even faster. This gives you more truthful perceptions of events or situations that are unpleasant. Of course tough situations are harder to appreciate. But if you go to your heart, you realize that things could be worse and are worse for a lot of people. Itís all a matter of perspective. Find something about a tough situation that you can appreciate. Start by appreciating that no matter what the problem is, there is a wider perspective yet to be uncovered. Donít be afraid of the temporary discomfort. As you look for what you can appreciate, your perceptions shift so that new understandings and solutions can come into your awareness. Have compassion and appreciate yourself for appreciating, until a solution appears. Create an attitude of gratitude and youíll magnetize more rewarding experiences.

The return on your appreciation investments are tremendously increased as you practice with deeper levels of sincerity. Appreciate the little things in life, and then when bigger problems or situations arise, youíll find you have an easier time dealing with them. Appreciation is simply a magnificent feeling in the heart that becomes your compass to help you find the best things in life. Itís also the fast track to finding direction, balance and fulfillment. The greater your capacity for sincere appreciation is, the deeper will be your connection to your heart, where intuition and unlimited inspiration and possibilities reside.


The Appreciative Heart e-booklet. This free eBooklet talks about the heartís association with positive emotions has endured for millennia. HeartMathís research explains the underlying science. Tools for heart-based living are included. Click to download for Free.



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