The Field of Infinite Organizing Power

Today, scientists tell us that there are four basic forces in nature. These are gravity, which makes the Earth go Ďround and holds the planets together; electromagnetism, which is responsible for light, heat, electricity, all the things that we experience in daily life as energy; the strong interaction which holds the nucleus of an atom together; and the weak interaction which is responsible for transmutation of elements and radioactive decay.

Everything in material creation comes from these four forces. But these arenít merely forces–these are fields of intelligence as well, because the ultimate ground of these forces, the unified field, is a field of infinite, unbounded intelligence, and is therefore the total potential of natural law.

The field is organizing everything in creation: The movement of galaxies, the movement of stars, the rotation of the earth, the cycles of the seasons, the biological rhythms of our bodies, birds migrating at the right season to the right place, fish returning to their spawning grounds, the biological rhythms of nature as found in flowers, vegetation, and animals. It is literally a field of infinite organizing power. It can do an infinite number of things all at the same time and then correlate them with each other.

Even our human body is a field of infinite organizing power. There are 6 trillion reactions occurring in the human body every second, and every one of them is correlated with every single other reaction; every single other biochemical event knows what other biochemical event is occurring in the body.

So, inherent in the field itself is infinite organizing power. To know that field intimately, to have experiential knowledge of that field as oneís own nature, is to automatically embody the infinite organizing power of the field.

Adapted from Creating Affluence, by Deepak Chopra (New World Library, 1993).


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Thank you.

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Uma Chernoff
Uma Chernoff7 years ago

Max you have forgotten one little thing which is that while our consciousnesses are caught up in linear reality, time,the cellular minds exist in ALL TIME the infinite NOW that all the rest springs from. The cellular minds and all the other intelligences that comprise our bodies in the least, and in the maximum the entire creation we share, couldn't function based in linear time. The intelligence that shows the cells what form to come back in their constant dieing and reappearing needs to straddle linear time or it can't work. The linear reality, the time we create "so everything doesn't happen at once" isn't useful on the cell mind level which functions in the quantum and virtual levels that this world and all others spring from.Simultaneity. Our consciousness rooted in linear doesn't need to understand how this happens, it is automatic and operating whether understood or not.

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So what was the biochemical event that lead to 1K black birds falling out of the sky? I'd love to see how the above article could help us to understand such a random event.