The Greenest Stocking Stuffers for Health and Fitness

Give the gift of green this holiday season! No, we’re not talking about cash, which, admittedly, goes well in a stocking. We’re suggesting items that are good for the people on your list and for the earth. From food to fitness, we’ve found sustainable gifts that are affordable, unique, and fit perfectly inside a stocking.

CSA Membership. Enroll your parents, yoga instructor, or your best friend in a CSA program near them. This gift brings the promise of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other farm-grown goodies each week throughout the spring, summer, and even fall. It’s a gift that supports their healthy eating habits and local farmers.

Vegan Lollihop Snack Box. We’re obsessed with the new Lollihop boxes, a company out of Palo Alto, Calif. that ships a gift box with a variety of healthy snacks to its members each month. The snacks are nutritionist-approved and Lollihop taste-tasted, and you have your choice of a classic box or a vegan box. Lara Bars, Terra chips, and Somersault Snack Co. are just a few of the brands that have made recent appearances.

YummyEarth Organic Lollipops. For the big and little kids on your list, this is the perfect treat to fill a stocking without having to give them over-processed candy. No artificial colors or flavors, chemical ingredients, or high fructose corn syrup are used to make these quarter-sized lollipops. Instead, organic evaporated cane juice and organic tapioca or rice syrup are used to sweeten, and the juicy flavors and colors come from real carrots, currants, pumpkin, watermelon, apples, and more. All organic, of course.

TSP Spices. Give the foodies in your life a taste of your love one teaspoon at a time with TSP spices. You can share a collection of individual spice bags, each with a teaspoon of organic herbs and spices, like basil, rosemary, tarragon, oregano, and thyme. This ensures the spices and herbs retain as much of their fresh aroma and flavor without spoiling in a larger jar.

Manduka Yoga Gear. As yoga helps us connect with ourselves it shouldn’t make us disconnect from the earth. That’s why Manduka uses sustainable materials for its yoga mats and other goods. While a yoga mat won’t fit in a stocking, it will fit under the tree, and you can complement it by letting Santa deliver an eQua yoga towel or cotton yoga strap. You can even get a recycling kit for $5 that lets Manduka properly dispose of your friend’s old yoga mat.

Race Bib Coasters. If there’s a runner in your life, then they probably have a pile of race numbers sitting either on a bulletin board or at the bottom of a trash can. Save the waste and give them a practical, memorable keepsake with these Race Bib Coasters from Gone For a Run. Mail in the actual race bib and they’ll cut it to make a set of four stone coasters.

Takeya Glass Water Bottles. Everyone’s over plastic bottles, be it BPA or the abuse on the environment it takes to produce them, and metal bottles leave something to be desired when it comes to taste. Check out Takeya’s glass water bottles that come in a variety of stylish colors and sizes. They’re dishwasher safe and come in a protective sleeve so you can take them to the gym or the office.

See more of our favorite gadget and goodie gifts in our Holiday Gift Guides over at Diets in Review. We’re even giving away some of the items mentioned here!


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