The Healing Power of “Cosmic Hum”

Sound can be healing. It can calm and soothe us, bringing us into deep states that relax us, countering the negative effects of stress. One of the most powerful ways of experiencing this is by listening to specific music.

When we listen to sound, it goes into our ears and into our brain. It affects our nervous system which affects our heart rate, our respiration and our brain waves.

I have been in the field of researching and applying the use of sound for healing for nearly 30 years. “Cosmic Hum” may well be one of the most powerful recordings I’ve created and is already a favorite of yoga practitioners, those who meditate and those who simply want to relax. Like many of my other recordings, such as “Chakra Chants”, “De-Stress”, “Holy Harmony” and “Ultimate Om”,  it is being used for stress reduction and pain reduction, helping calm and relax the listener.

“Cosmic Hum” developed from the idea that the original sound of creation that many spiritual traditions acknowledge was actually a hum. I wondered what it would sound like. In order to make this CD, I recorded the sounds of thousands of people humming together. Then, I added other frequencies, including the Cymatic healing frequencies of Vital Life Energy developed by Dr. Peter Guy Manners, one of the pioneers of sound therapy. The recording also incorporates binaural brainwave frequencies that help create coherence of our heart and brain, magnifying our electro-magnetic field.

I’ve had some extraordinary response from people who have used the CD for deep meditation, as well as to help achieve powerful relaxation and enhance sleep. Perhaps one of my favorite reports is from someone who went to the dentist where they normally listened to CDs while receiving nitrous oxide when they would undergo a dental treatment. At the end of the procedure, the dentist asked this person how they were. The dentist received a thumbs up response. “I forgot to turn on the nitrous oxide!” he told his patient. While no anesthetic qualities are attributed to “Cosmic Hum”, this anecdote does illustrate the extraordinary mind/body connection that exists within us all as well as the power of sound.

I think that from these responses that there is something very special about “Cosmic Hum.” In its simplicity and elegance, it may be one of the most powerful recordings I’ve created to enhance higher consciousness and initiate the healing process. There’s much more to “Cosmic Hum” in terms of its creation and use. This hour-long CD comes with 16 pages of liner notes that describe this incredible recording.

I wanted to share awareness of “Cosmic Hum” with you, because for many the health benefits of this recording may prove to be extremely useful and effective. It is not music as you may normally think of it, so don’t go expecting Mozart or Beethoven. However, what you’ll hear in the humming sounds of this recording are frequencies that may have extraordinary relaxing and transformational effects. “Cosmic Hum” is available on, iTunes, and other music sources.

Click here for an audio sample of Cosmic Hum.

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Magdalena J.
Past Member 3 years ago

Thank you!

Carl J.
Past Member 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing the info about the healing power of sound. I do have and experience with the Solfeggio music, and I believe that we need to tune ourselves to the natural frequencies. We are vibrational beings. Everything is connected on the perfect musical scale of the Universe.


Dot A.
Dot A5 years ago

- I believe that sitting in a coffee house and letting the 'hum' of those around us flow into our bodies can effect us similarly and as well has many of the qualities explained here,.... -

Susan S.
Paul Stephan5 years ago

Sounds interesting : )

Jim F.
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"Cosmic Hum"...HMmmmmmmm

Duane B.
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Thank you for sharing.

irene fernandez
irene Fernandez5 years ago

So gentle, I love it
thank you!!!

Magyar Girl
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angela whatley5 years ago

thank you

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