The Joy of Clean, Calm, Contemporary Home Decor

A clean, clutter-free home need not be cold and emotionless. It does not have to look like a museum, or feel like a doctorís office. It can, and should be, a place that invites you to breathe easy, enjoy a little of the outdoors, and feel restful within.

So, strip off the heavy curtains and the bulky chairs. Give your pad a cool, comfortable and clean look with minimum fuss and furniture. Youíll see that it has a wonderfully calming effect on your mind, too.

Keywords in Contemporary Decor

Sleek: lacquered cabinets, granite work surfaces, stainless steel, smooth stone. Rule of thumb: no intricate patterns or elaborate details. Ease of cleaning and maintenance are prime. Keep your upholstery smooth and simple, too. Instead of high-maintenance velvet and satin, think linen and raw silk.

Clean: uncluttered. Ideally, a modern home is free of unnecessary knickknacks, but if you simply cannot let go of those old favorites, line a wall with flush-mount cabinets and neatly stack everything in.

Open and well-lit: lots of glass! Clear glass windows and partitions, with lots of light and sweeping views. Indoor lighting is planned with careóno ugly hanging wires and garish chandeliers. Think pure clean halogen lights, track and recessed lighting, focused fixtures and smart lamps with dimmers.

Functional: simple, low-base, modular furniture with sleek lines and angular contours. Everything in your contemporary pad should be here because it looks good and has some use. No room for sentimentality or stuffiness here!

Neutral: think natural, sophisticated white, beige, grey and black. Tone-on-tone upholstery. No, donít yawn yet! Subdued doesnít have to be boring. In fact, give it a slight pop of colouróa zebra-print cushion, a vibrant lamp, a warm accent wallójust enough to wake up your place in a blink!


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Bill and Katie D.

Like the color of the white, but I would have to have my own furniture!
Thank You

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

I LOVE really cleaning, the walking in after a long night at work and remembering I dont have to clean :) it doesnt last long with a two year old, but it sure is nice

Patricia H.
Patricia H.5 years ago

thanks for sharing

Nancy P.
Nancy P5 years ago

I look at the picture and it does not say comfortable...stark maybe but not comfortable. Were are the plants or pictures or something that shows that people lvie there. I need a lot of nature in my space.