The Mysterious O: Desire

Everyone wants to orgasm. This is just a fact of life and nature. Long ago, before pornography was everywhere, desire and lust still held a formative place in our human sexuality makeup, but we all had a little more room to imagine orgasmic experience and less to compare ourselves to. With the advent of internet pornography, you can witness orgasm on demand, but that doesn’t mean you can make yourself, or anyone else have one. There in lies the conundrum of orgasm.

Of all the coveted human experiences, what makes orgasm so elusive is that it cannot be forced. Even many methods of cajoling seem to backfire. Desperation and orgasm are strange bedfellows. Here we only need to unleash our imagination for a moment and it is clear how much sexual behavior lives in this odd coupling-faking, purchasing, role playing, submitting, dominating, what we will not do for an orgasm is somewhat astounding. Several great sex therapists that I know, tell me that the quest can cost many people their relationship. Orgasm almost becomes the oxymoron in this situation when it is the relationship itself which is given as the fertile ground to grow and nurture the comfort with our sexuality which opens the door to orgasm.

It isn’t that surprising then, that statistically, your chances of having an orgasm are much better on your own than with a partner. Letting go of your judgments about sexuality, yours and others is easier to do for many people than digging deep into the fears and insecurities that most of us carry about our sexual history, preferences and behaviors. Many people spend their lives married to people with whom they can’t even say the word “masturbate” let alone imagine sharing the act. When we can’t disclose our sexuality, it holds us and our orgasm hostage.

Being able to orgasm with someone, or for that matter by yourself, requires safety. It is the most exciting letting go available to us. Where could we be more vulnerable than in the ecstatic release of one’s center? Being able to find a language to explore the kinds of touch that are stimulating, allowing the strange fantasies that lurk in all of us, and letting your body lead you into feelings that you don’t and can’t control are all essential to experiencing orgasm that transforms.

It doesn’t work to focus on orgasm as the finish line. Aiming for it makes the journey anxiety ridden and makes you forget that you are on a journey. Often times it is the smallest of details that can push you to a place that you didn’t know was in you. But you can’t feel that place if you are looking for something big ahead of you. Presence is nothing if not the key to our sexual selves.

There are probably as many different types of orgasms as there are people who experience them. Great books abound on the many techniques that can facilitate them. Certainly there are literally millions of opportunities to witness them. For me, orgasm is a journey that always brings me back to my center.

Tomorrow, The Mysterious O: Getting There

Wendy Strgar, the owner and founder of Good Clean Love, manufacturer of all natural love and intimacy products. She is a sex educator focusing on “Making Love Sustainable,” a green philosophy of relationships which teaches the importance of valuing the renewable resources of love and family. She has learned that physical intimacy is an important component of sustaining healthy loving relationships through her own marriage of over 25 years.


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Good Lord people, does EVERY forum become a chance to slam Christianity? Unreal and simply childish! I mean honestly Jane B ~ this is a sickness with you! Give it a rest already! I am a Christian who believes that God wants you to have great sex, and I am not the only one who believes this!

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Masturbation is good, Sex is Great! Orgasm by means of combining the two is Fantastic!! Anyone who disputes that is not doing it right, or is a frigid, frightened being who probably can't stand the sight of a naked human body. Sex aversion is not normal - go see a shrink!!

Jane Barton
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Imaginary "God" is the antithesis of orgasm. Bring Jesus into it and you'll NEVER have one.
Religious people are too busy dreaming about death. This article really nailed it, orgasm is
MENTAL, at least it STARTS in the mind. Desire resides in the subconscious mind. If the chemistry is there, then the physical boner will come. It's not rocket science, it's natural. It's a chain reaction. Lay eyes on your lover which triggers a flood of love hormones into your bloodstream which sends a tingly feeling down below. All kinds of outside stress can kill it,
"relationships" themselves being the main thing. Marriage is the worst because both people feel trapped and it usually ends badly. So marriage is the first thing to get rid of, then fear and anxiety, then infidelity but not necessarily in that order. Only a deep sense of trust can allow us to let down our walls. From statistics only 1 million out of 310 million people find that. It's that mythical thing called "love" and it seems to be temporary if we find it at all.

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Angelica is right.

Teresa Wlosowicz
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Randolph, what is spiritual about the most disgusting thing in the world?!

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Jesus has nothing to do with orgasms.