The Natural Breast Cancer Breakthrough

Good news for sufferers of breast cancer and anyone looking to prevent the disease. Researchers may add medicinal mushrooms to the list of valuable cancer therapies, particularly when it comes to breast cancer.

Exciting research in the peer-reviewed online medical journal PLoS One found that the medicinal mushroom reishi, or Ganoderma lucidum, holds tremendous potential for breast cancer sufferers.

Researchers studied the effects of the mushroom against inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) — an aggressive and often lethal form of breast cancer — on animals for thirteen weeks. Animals with IBC that were given reishi mushroom in their feed had a 50 percent reduction in tumor growth and weight. The scientists concluded that reishi suppresses tumor growth, thereby affecting cancer survival pathways. They suggest that “reishi is a potential natural therapeutic for breast and other cancers.”

Reishi is available in capsule, tincture extract, and dried mushroom forms. Dosage varies depending on the product used. Follow package instructions for the particular form you select. Consult your physician prior to using. The study results were achieved with a tincture extract.

According to, one in eight women currently develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. That’s approximately 12% of women. In 2014, 232,670 women were diagnosed with the disease. But it doesn’t just affect women. Approximately 2360 diagnoses of breast cancer were made in men in 2014 as well.

There are many risk factors for breast cancer, including: smoking, using hormone replacement therapy (HRT), not getting sufficient exercise, drinking alcohol, to name a few.

Other research shows that low vitamin D levels may be a risk factor for breast cancer. It appears that vitamin D may play a crucial role in controlling normal breast cell growth and at the same time stopping breast cancer cells from growing.

Diet has been linked to many cancers, including breast cancer. Eating a healthy plant-based diet is essential for breast cancer prevention and healing. Breast cancer is less common in women of other nations where they consume a plant-based diet. Certain probiotic-rich foods such as sauerkraut have demonstrated a protective effect against breast cancer.

Additionally, the chemicals known as phthalates have been implicated in breast cancer, most likely due to the hormone-disrupting effects of these toxins.

Learn more about probiotic-rich foods’ effect on cancer in my book: The Probiotic Promise.



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