The Road to Global Transformation

Finding a positive direction for the next transformation of civilization is a challenging but not an insuperable task. The change in direction we need can be summarized by looking at two kinds of growth to which a civilization and its people are dedicated. One way moves towards connection, communication, and consciousness.

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Extensive Growth Versus Intensive Growth

Extensive Growth
The paramount end of extensive growth can be encapsulated in three “C’s”: Conquest, colonization, and consumption.

Extensive growth moves along a horizontal planet on the surface of the planet: It conquers ever more territories, colonizes ever more people, and imposes the will of the dominant layers on ever more layers of the population. Extensive growth generates unsustainability: It drives the world toward chaos.

Intensive Growth
Intensive growth can be grasped under three other “C’s”: connection, communication, and consciousness.

Intensive growth centers on the development of individuals, and of the communities and ecologies in which they live. Intensive growth could produce sustainability: It could drive contemporary societies toward a new mode of functioning–a new civilization.

Adapted from The Chaos Point, by Ervin Laszlo (Hampton Roads, 2006). Copyright (c) 2006 by Ervin Laszlo. Reprinted by permission of Hampton Roads.
Adapted from The Chaos Point, by Ervin Laszlo (Hampton Roads, 2006).


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Dear friends, I would like to take up a few moments and share with you some of my thoughts and understanding about the urgency of helping our Planet Earth. And I would like to thank you for willingness to listen. Dear friends we are living in days of change and ending of the old. Please friends awake your minds and embrace the dream world of a love and peace. I would like to ask you friends to stand for the change and step up! Pray dear friends, pray for our Home Earth every day! And whenever you gather and meet- please friends, speak up and spread the message! Be part of the change and multiply this emergency call by 6 billion! Thank you friends for awaking for the truth and halting duality to an end! Blessings!

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