Make Scents of Love

Essential oils are some of the oldest known aphrodisiacs on the planet. As far back as Cleopatra, lovers have employed the use of scent in their intimate rituals. In fact, the power of scent in love is profound. True scent—flowers, spices, herbs and essential oils—travels from your nose to the limbic center of the brain in .05 seconds. Unlike our other senses, aroma is carried directly to the area of the brain, the limbic system, one of the most primitive parts of the brain which holds memory, emotion and sexuality.

Discover the range of scents that have been used through history to evoke romantic encounters and learn how to try this yourself.

Fragrance is the primary gateway to the mind, scents are recognized more quickly than pain, remembered more permanently than sight and more precisely than sound. Smelling something again after years brings up such strong memories, including love: The scent of a cologne or perfume of an old lover will forever bring back that first kiss. Scent is also an aroma that can repel. It is almost impossible to kiss someone who smells bad to you.

Essential Oils
Fragrances from plants and trees are contained in tiny droplets of highly volatile
oils, which are considered the essence of the plant. Essential oils are produced and stored in minute oil glands located throughout the plant (on the leaves, flowers or in the bark).
The oils that are extracted from the plants readily disperse into the air and are described in part by their speed of evaporation.

Scents are blended using their different qualities. The top notes, the scent that arrives and dissipates first, the middle notes that create the body of the scent and the base notes that linger and finish the scent.

If you are excited to work at making your own love oils, I encourage you to access some of the great books that are available on essential oils.

Safety precautions are extremely important in working with essential oils. They are composed of hundreds of complex chemicals and are not designed for direct contact with the skin. Always dilute your essential oils in high quality carrier oils, which are vegetable or nut oils. Jojoba oil is a great base oil because the body recognizes it as sebum, and also has an indefinite shelf life.

This is a very short list of a few of the most well known aphrodisiac essential oils:
Clary Sage, Black Pepper, Ginger, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose Absolute,
Sandalwood, Vetivert, and Frankincense. I can assure you of the efficacy and romantic allure of these scents, as I use all of them in my love oil formulations that we sell across the country.

Here are three easy ways to enjoy essential oils. (Remember, essential oils are measured by the drop. A little goes a very long way.)

  • Try an atomizer. The oil is dropped in a small amount of water and then heated with a candle which makes the oil evaporate and scent the air.
  • Blend a few of your favorite essential oils in 1-2 tablespoons of high-quality carrier oil.
  • Put 8-12 drops of essential oil in a bath.

Open Heart
4 drops of rose
4 drops of Frankincense
2 drops Vetivert

Passion and Depth
4 drops Clary Sage
4 drops Black Pepper
4 drops Sandalwood

True Love
3 drops Jasmine
3 drops Rose
4 drops Frankincense
2 drops Vetivert

Wendy Strgar is the founder and owner of Good Clean Fun Inc. The company offers a wide range of love products including love oils, water base personal lubricants, love flower perfumes and soy/hemp candles. You can see her products at Good Clean Fun Inc. or Naked Scents.

By Wendy Strgar, founder and owner of Good Clean Fun Inc.


Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago

Do you mean the smell of sweat?

Soul Wine
Tonya lee7 years ago

I make an exotic version of Patchouli oil that people go crazy for. Not a fan of patchouli myself though

Lanny W.
Lanny Wood9 years ago

Firs of all there is no viable definition of
"ALL NATURAL." It means nothing.

Second check out the preservatives found in "pure oils."
They could really damage you.

Tammy Stansell
Tammy Stansell9 years ago

Patchouli oil is on the top of my list of intoxicating aromas, it drives men absolutely wild. It also seems to have the same effect on cats! I have actually been followed by cats when I have been wearing it on walks through the neighborhood.

Gloria Hollowell
Gloria H9 years ago

I have been hoping to run across some great recipes. Thank you very much. Will let you know results.


Kelly Z.
Past Member 9 years ago

I have experimented before with oils, and these recipes sound so delicious and seductive. I can't wait to whip up a few. Thanks for the ideas.

Kate A.
Kate A9 years ago

If you're lazy like I am, you'll try the Love Flowers perfume or Love Oils from Good Clean Fun. My husband and I really like the scent of Indian Spice Love Oil. For a great Valentine's Day gift, give these with organic fair trade chocolate! You can get some ideas at Kate's Caring Gifts.
Wishing you all Lightness and Love,
- Kate

Alicia P.
Alicia P9 years ago

I have about half of these oils and am going to have to go on a shopping trip for some of the others. Worthwhile I might add.

Alicia P.
Alicia P9 years ago

I can't wait to make these blends! Thanks so much for sharing.