The Silent Gap Between Our Thoughts

Finding the silent gap that flashes in between our thoughts seems relatively easy, but because it flashes by, a tiny gap is not a doorway. The quantum body is not separate from us–it is us–yet we are not experiencing it right now. Sitting here, we are thinking, reading, talking, breathing, digesting, and so on, all of which happens above the line.

Here is an analogy that brings the quantum mechanical body into focus: Take a bar magnet and place a piece of paper over it. Next, sprinkle iron filings on the paper and jostle it slightly. What will emerge is a pattern of curving lines, one inside the other, that arch from the magnet’s north to south pole and back again. The overall design you have made represents a map of the magnetic line of force that otherwise would be invisible, except that the iron particles automatically align themselves to bring out the image.

In this analogy, we see all mind-body activity above the paper and the hidden field of intelligence below. The iron filings moving around are mind-body activity, automatically aligning with the magnetic field, which is intelligence. The field is completely invisible and unknowable until it shows its hand by moving some bits of matter around. The piece of paper is the quantum mechanical body, a thin screen that shows exactly what patterns of intelligence are being manifested at the moment.

There is more to this simple comparison than you might at first suppose. It is really the hidden field that is generating these lifelike appearances. Here you have a picture of how the body-mind actually relates to the field of intelligence. The two remain separated, but the division is invisible and has no thickness whatever. It is just a gap. The only way one knows that the quantum level even exists is that images and patterns keep cropping up everywhere in the body.

Adapted from Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine, by Deepak Chopra (Bantam Books, 1990).


Elisa F.
Elisa F4 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen5 years ago

Thank you :)

J.L. A.
JL A6 years ago

interesting visualization

Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago


Wes Giesbrecht
Past Member 6 years ago

Put down the beer and stub out the doobie Jane.

The idea is that everybody 'chooses' their life circumstances (location, parents etc.)
'before' they're born.

You know.... while their consciousness is disembodied, in between reincarnations.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton6 years ago

The purpose of this line of thinking is, "Shut up and be happy with what you have, STARVATION, PAIN, FILTH, and DEGRADATION"! It's YOUR FAULT because YOU CHOSE IT because YOU didn't have HAPPY THOUGHTS! You know, if you WILL it and have HAPPY THOUGHTS, FOOD will fall out of HEAVEN!!! I have never seen it actually HAPPEN but that's what these filthy rich "spiritualists" will have us "believe". The rest of the line of thinking is: Shut up and stop ASKING how they got RICH! THEY WORKED FOR IT! Poor people never WORK FOR IT, they are lazy slobs. But they will get their reward AFTER THEY DIE and ROT IN THEIR GRAVE!! Oh JOY!

Wes Giesbrecht
Past Member 6 years ago

Death is guaranteed but suffering is not.
I know people who have never suffered so much as a broken heart and have never missed a meal.
And yes, it's random. Exactly so. I was born in what is considered to be one of the very best cities in the world. Good climate, stable government, lots of opportunity.

Someone born on the streets (literally) of Calcutta; not so lucky.

But you would like to believe that they 'chose' a life of starvation, pain, filth and degradation.

Does this assuage your sense of guilt at having so much while they have so little?

What other purpose could this line of thinking serve?

Uma Chernoff
Uma Chernoff6 years ago

Wes whatever your life is suffering and death are guaranteed. Being so offended by my thoughts would you prefer that random chance in chaos is the only cause? Where is it that those things don't exist? Why are you stuck with the starving mother? Don't tell me you are going to pose a hierarchy of suffering, more or less on an infinite scale?

heather g.
heather g6 years ago

This article was a thought-provoking extract from that book - thank you.

What really struck me or seemed to sum it up, was the sentence : "The only way one knows that the quantum level even exists is that images and patterns keep cropping up everywhere in the body."

Wes Giesbrecht
Past Member 6 years ago

" The one who has chosen to be among the starving because he has on the spiritual purpose level decided that only agonizing punishment and failure will satisfy the inner purpose of gaining compassion."

Oh how convenient. Yes of course. Babies and their mommies starve to death because it's their choice. How obvious. Why didn't I think of that?

The gap isn't between your thoughts, it's between your ears.