The Simple Truth About Weight Loss

I struggled with my weight for many years. I tried every diet I could lay my hands on. The Atkins Diet, Cabbage Diet, Soup Diet—you name it.

Each one of these helped me lose weight.  For some time. Shortly after, however, the pounds began to creep back up, and wrapped themselves lovingly around my hips and waist.

I had all but resigned myself to never being able to wear fitted clothes, when a chance remark by a slim friend opened my eyes. We were sitting in a cafe. I had ordered a garden salad, she was munching on burger and fries.  She saw me looking longingly at the golden potato sticks, and invited me to have some. I shook my head mournfully. “I can’t…”

She popped another fry into her mouth, and said, thoughtfully, “You know, I think you’re doing it all wrong. You should eat everything you like to eat. Just eat less of it.”

It was a ridiculously simple—and beautiful—pronouncement. And guess what: it changed my relationship with food! Over the years, it helped me shed weight. I am still not the svelte and shapely woman I wish to be, but I am no longer obese.

We put on weight because we eat more than we burn off. Which means, cutting down on portions is the key to shaving off the pounds. Which also means that you and I can enjoy fries and dessert, if we watch how much we are tucking in. A typical restaurant serving of French fries is a weight-gain bomb, loaded with up to 400 calories. But eat one-third of the serving, and you are consuming much fewer calories.

I know that this sounds quite obvious, but look around, and look within. Weight-loss diets and books are booming businesses. Countless people sadly wave away delicious food every day, afraid it will go to their waist. Worse, too many people fall prey to inferiority complex, brought on by the idea that they are fat.

Free yourself from fear. You only live once, so eat, drink (sensibly)—and be merry!

Bon appétit.



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Kylie J.
Kylie J.4 years ago

Thank you for all the information that has been provided in the article.Weight loss is not a magic which can be performed in a day,a week or maybe even a month.If you want to look good and stunning then it is not in dieting rather it is in eating right.You should eat everything,but in moderation to help you not only lose weight but also to maintain the ideal weight. The healthy and balanced diet not only helps you maintain that ideal weight but also makes you look and feel good.Add to this a little exercise will do wonders for your whole body.

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Brian M.
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Yep. Weight loss is a science, not alchemy. Learn to enjoy eating healthy. Learn to enjoy exercising. And all will be well.

wael a.
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