The Spark of Freedom

We are born with the spark of freedom that burns brightly within all of us, no matter where we live geographically or what we may experience politically.

Freedom is the opportunity to do what we want, when we want and choose how we want to do it. It’s following that voice inside, no matter where it might lead and oft times walking to a different drummer. It is the ability to think our own thoughts and make our own choices. Collectively, freedom can be expressed as a small group or as a country, but it always starts within the mind and the heart of an individual.

Historically, most times when we think of freedom, we think of it as something we must “fight for and protect,” yet it is already an integral part of our being and a choice we get to make each day. When we look at freedom as something outside of ourselves or something that can be taken from us, freedom isn’t free and the price can sometimes be quite expensive.

To me, freedom isn’t the ability to carry a gun or protect our property, but rather, to tap into an inherent birthright that no one can possibly take away from us….Continue reading at


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Marianna B Molnar


Marianna B Molnar

your greatest freedom is what God gave you. the free will. you must be smart to use it and now to abuse it for its your life that is in stake.

Will Rogers
Will Rogers5 years ago

free to be financial slaves voting for governments of their choosing, free to be told what war we are having next. We may be free but our choices are limited to what the ruling classes dictate. Can we freely travel around the world? Are we free to take whatever drugs we want or do the government have such control over our bodies that we can only put in it what they say? Does freedom come from the end of a gun, or from the end of a spoon? The free have no need to ask these questions, but we do.
The one percent are free. The rest of us are waiting for the warmth of their pee and urine on our heads as a result of the trickle down effect.

Marianne Barto
Marianne B5 years ago

Well, the way I see it is, we have the freedom to worship #1, the freedom to speak our opinions.The freedom to defend ourselves if necessary, bear arms.and many more freedoms that other countries don't have. If you don't believe in our 'political" system, then you should move to North Korea, India, Somalia,Pakistan, Egypt, and any where else where people live in hunger and fear every day of their lives.Tired of hearing complaints about our country. The complainers probably never had a relative "serve" in the Army, Marines, Air force, Navy, and live to come home, or die for YOU. David, go live with that tribe, please. Same S#@t, Different Day with Jane. Dave, take her with you, please. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

"Historically, most times when we think of freedom, we think of it as something we must “fight for and protect,” yet it is already an integral part of our being and a choice we get to make each day."

The desire to be free is an integral part of our being but we ACTUALLY don't have it in America. If we DID it wouldn't be necessary to "fight for and protect" it. But we are fighting atrocities every day. That's because of the particular tribe or "type" of people who settled America. America was settled by European white people who were Catholic/Christian. They
invaded (discovered) America and murdered as many native Americans as they could and killed most of the buffalo. Then they instituted slavery in America because they needed free (cheap) labor. The Catholic/Christian tribe has murdered other tribes for 2,000 years and they've used their women for slaves too. The only reason there is any "fighting" for "rights" is because BLACKS, MINORITIES and WOMEN have been OPPRESSED by the Catholic Church since DAY ONE. White men who rule this country DO NOT want to give up ANY POWER. That's why we are STILL fighting.

Christine C.
Chandra C5 years ago


David Nuttle
Past Member 5 years ago

Gail, Americans are manipulated by bankers, corrupt politicians, a culture of consumerism, greedy corporate interests, the military-industrial complex, narcoterrorists who work to keep many of us addicted, "dumbing-down" of our educational system, and the oligarchy of our elite one percent who now control this nation. Due to these conditions we are not truly free, and freedom has become more like "opium-for-the-masses." I have lived for extended periods with very primitive, isolated tribal groups ... and they are the only people I know who are really free.