The Spirit of Romance

All spiritual openings are temporary. This is not a limitation specific to falling in love. The real question is: What should we do with the opening? The highest spiritual qualitiesóthose of truth, faith, trust, and compassionógrow from the tiniest seeds of daily experience. Their first sprouting is exceedingly vulnerable, and there is no guarantee they will not wither and die. How can we tend this fragile opening of the heart, and nurture it until it develops into more substantial stages of growth?

To do that we must examine romance, the first stage in love’s journey, as part of a timeless cycle that brings greater and greater knowledge of spiritual reality. The insights of this first stage are, naturally enough, those relating to a new birth:

  • Love knows that you exist and cares for your existence.
  • Timeless spirit can touch you in this world of time.
  • With a new birth of the heart, you will see a new world.
  • Love is never old but renews itself with every lover.
  • Flesh and spirit can share in the same delights.
  • All people are innocent in the light of love.

When you fall in love these insights come to you like fresh water, yet they are as ancient as the path to love itself.

Adapted from The Path to Love, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 1997).


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