The Strangest Things Cats Have Dragged In

A few months ago, Catster Managing Editor Vicky Walker wrote about how her cat brought in a series of baby possums (which, thankfully, all survived the ordeal). We then asked Catster Magazine readers to weigh in and share all the weird and wonderful presents their cats have brought them over the years, and some of the responses almost threw us out of our chairs. How, for instance, does a cat manage to bring a rooster home?! Or a six-pack of mice?

Here are some of our favorites from our reader story round-up. For more stories, see the original piece that ran on Catster: “What Did the Cat Drag In? Catster Readers Tell All.”

Reader Aletta says: Up from the basement, proud as can be,came Fluff with the woodpecker, bigger than her, in her mouth. I hollered “Letit go!” and she did. The poor bird didn’t know what to do. Thankfullyit flew into a corner bedroom. I opened a window, but it would not flyout and sat on a hanging picture, pecking at the wall. I finally decided to drop the top half of the window while my back was to the bird so he felt safe, and he flew past me out the window.

Reader Carol writes: My husband and I started out life together in a second-floor apartment located in a big old house (family had 12 kids) near downtown in Mandan, ND. Very woodsy area.One night I woke up to strange scritchy noises. I got a bit freaked and woke my husband, Bob, and then got up to turn on a light down the hall from the bedroom.

There on the dresser to hubby’s left was a little brown bat, sitting and stretching his wings.I’m not one of those women who gets all in a dither about bats, or snakes, or spiders, but I really didn’t want a bat flying around. Bob got up to go to the kitchen to retrieve a broom to knock it to the floor so he could capture it, and did.

After a couple such occurrences, we figured out that our cat, Thunder, had found his way onto the roof over the porch at the old house (no window screens, no air conditioning, July) and was catching the bats and releasing them indoors. We in turn released them again, and yelled at the landlord for window screens.

Reader Louise writes: The weirdest thing my dearly departed Petie the Cat (March 24, 2012) brought in was six tiny baby mice. He did the same thing — brought them in through the cat door. He put them in my husband’s shoe for a morning surprise. Sadly, they were not as lucky as your possums.

Care2 readers, what’s the weirdest thing your cat has presented you with? And do read about how one of our readers on Catster once brought in a small rooster.

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Freya H
Freya H6 days ago

My dear departed Ragamuffin used to be an indoor-outdoor cat. For a few years I lived near a creek, and during the summer Rags specialized in catching frogs. At least once a week she would come back with another frog. Most survived the experience.

Peggy B
Peggy B4 months ago


Patricia W
Patricia W8 months ago

Our Maine Coon Hootie was the reptile expert in AZ. He would bring home - unharmed in all occasions - lizards, and small bull and king snakes. His biggest capture was a full grown king snake right at the beginning of winter. He came through the cat door with this poor snake in his jaws, dragging it in. It slithered under our stove, and stayed there for months, with me feeding it frozen snake food. As soon as it was warm enough, I released it back where it belonged. What an experience.

Lorraine Andersen
Lorraine A9 months ago

I have had everything from salamanders to bats to birds etc. always alive. But mice seldom survived unless I was awake and heard then chasing it around the house, then I would get up and catch the poor thing and put it back outside. If the mice were not lucky and I was asleep, I would usually find then in their food bowl.....saving them for later I guess.

Glennis Whitney
Glennis W2 years ago

We had a cat in the Northern Territory and he was a bugger bringing in baby king brown snakes, no big ones thank goodness.

Christine Jones
Christine J2 years ago

I am the luckiest cat owner in the world. My darling old gentleman Jaffa Cake is too old to hunt now, but when he did, it was only ever rats. Never birds or frogs or lizards. Best hunter ever and saved me a fortune in nasty chemicals.

Adrienne L.
Adrienne L2 years ago


Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Barbara D.
Past Member 3 years ago

Myk'ael just brought me a pair of undies. Rather fancy female undies!!

M C.
Michelle C3 years ago

Living in the suburbs on a busy street, my cats are strictly house cats. That didn't stop Otis from taking and depositing weird things into weird places. I once found a small margarine container, that I was using to store a hunk of cheese, behind the drapes in the living room. Also, I left the pantry door open once and found a whole potato in the bathtub, Otis's favorite place to play.