Hungry or Just Thirsty?

The next time you’re tempted to reach for a snack, try asking yourself, “Could I actually be thirsty?” Many of us mistake thirst for hunger, thinking we want food when what our bodies really need is a drink of pure water. So we overeat, and leave our bodies still thirsting.

Proper hydration is one of the keys, not only to staying fit and healthy, but to looking and feeling our best, as well. Find out what Dr. Cousens, a renowned nutritionist, has to say about the connection between water and health. We also offer you a great formula for energizing the water you drink. It’s all here:

If you avoid dehydration, you can avoid overeating. As Dr. Cousens says, “When you start to hydrate by drinking enough water, then your appetite goes down because you’re actually fulfilling what your body needs—which is water. And that’s also a very powerful way to lose weight, but also, in a sense, the hydration makes everything, including your brain, work a lot better.”

He advocates drinking water that is biologically healthy and filled with positive energy. Here is his formula for making your own Energized Moon Water for better health.

Inspired by the work of Gabriel Cousens, M.D.


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