Three Keys for Living the Way of Peace

If people could achieve satisfaction without destruction, I believe they would. Millions of us want to live without destruction already. Now we are looking for a way to make our will and desire more powerful than war. Fortunately, that isnít complicated. According to the ancient Vedic texts, you will know you are living the way of peace when these three things are present:

Seva: Your actions harm no one and benefit everyone.
Simran: You remember your true nature and your purpose for being here.
Satang: You belong in the community of peace and wisdom.

Seva brings the joy of knowing that your daily actions support life as a whole. You become part of the planetís evolution, not its wholesale destruction.

Simran brings the satisfaction of expanded possibilities. You are not limited to being one individual lost in a sea of humanity. You find your authentic self and your authentic truth. A unique path to mastery is opened for you and you alone.

Satsang brings the satisfaction of having no enemies. You are at home in the world.

Adapted from Peace is the Way by Deepak Chopra (Harmony, 2005).


Paula G.
Paula G4 years ago

There will never be world peace. Just as one war ends another begins. Some we don't even hear about. However there are a few things that I think would bring us inner peace on a regular basis (nothing is constant). Coming here brings me a sense of peace as I educate myself as well as giving something to the world. While I am here I am at peace because I know I am doing at least 1 small thing for this world today. Volunteering in the community does the same thing. Something as simple as doing my dishes can bring me peace as it is a step toward briging my home back into balance. Having pets in my home is the ultimate bringer of peace, even if I have to clean litter boxes. These are just a few small examples of the search for inner peace. Mine anyway. I know that it will not stay as I will get restless and the cat curled up in my lap will be forced to move. But those moments of peace will assist me with getting through the day. We cannot have it all, all the time but those brief moments are a gift.

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Good article, thank you

Dale Overall

Beautiful and delightful, a lovely and tranquil way to be and too look at the world from within and without!

Margarita P.
Margarita P5 years ago

Satsang brings the satisfaction of having no enemies. You are at home in the world.

-- Aha! Having no enemies! When I think about what I would like to change in my life, the first thing I always think is that I would like to have no enemies. Not that I wouldn't want to have some friends, but having no enemies is a higher priority than having a lot of friends.

Melinda offline K.
Past Member 5 years ago

very interesting, thankyou

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

Thanks. Something to meditate on.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam5 years ago

noted, thanks

Gaby D.
Gaby D5 years ago

Thank you Deepak for another post that adds just that 'little bit of food for thought' to the day.
These three, Seva, Simran and Satsang ..the way you explain these concepts is wonderful. If we would all remember to live our lives striving to attain Seva, Simran and Satsang as such.....the world would show up in a very different way, a peaceful world in harmony.
I say strive, as I myself- even though I try to remain aware at all times - notice that indeed it is not always so simple when you do not live in a monastery to maintain the equal librium needed. However, once you are aware of these concepts it becomes easier and easier to stay with them......over time....perhaps one day....I'll maintain! Namaste!

Olivia Lim
Olivia Lim5 years ago

I find even if I try hard to follow seva, simran and satsang, it's a lot harder than it sounds.

Tom Sullivan
Tom C Sullivan5 years ago

Find peace with yourself, then peace will be found.
Peace is so simple if the world would just stop the hatred and start careing.