Tiny 2-Legged Chihuahua Uses Wheelchair Made of Toys (Video)

This video captures what Turbo the chihuahua looked like before he received his mini wheelchair. Check out the photos below for some cute selfies and post-wheelchair success!

all images provided by:@TURBO.ROO ON INSTAGRAM

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Jane R.
Jane R2 years ago

Such a pretty puppy. He's lucky to have a loving pet parent.

Angev GERIDONI3 years ago

I would like to thank all Care2 members who already signed my petition.
if no, please help give an happy end to that sad story :
1) Care 2
2) PeticaoPublica.com

But unfortunately this is still not the end of the sufferings for those animals. This Monday 28th july a stray horse was hit by a car and was euthanized due to an open fracture. link : Tribuna de Petropolis
As some people of the city and from the neighborhoods, took them to a sanctuary*, the hope is rising, it's up to you to make it grow by still sharing the petitions. I will tell you more about the sanctuary in the next update...

Thank you for caring

Angev GERIDONI3 years ago

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ADOPT A SHELTER PET - DON'T BUY IN A SHOP ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Kristina Craig
Kristina Craig3 years ago

Adorable, and so happy he has a loving family that cares for him.

Terri M.
Terri M3 years ago

What a clever way to put together a walking aid for this beautiful little dog. Bless your heart, Turbo, and thank you to your human parent(s) for loving you so much to do this for you. :)

Artur Pieprzyk
Past Member 3 years ago

so sad ...

Veera Olsbo
Veera Olsbo3 years ago


iveta cer

Awww what a cutie , thanks

Marcia Geiger
Marcia Geiger3 years ago

What a love..both Turbo and his person.
sending love to both. They offer a lesson that we all can learn..help and persevere.

Nancy Hatcher
Nancy Hatcher3 years ago

Oh, what a little sweetie! What a wonderfully patient helper! What a beautiful gift for both!