Tired & Uninspired at Work? Try This Quick Life Hack

Picture this. You have been sitting for what seems like an eternity, trying to come up with a good idea or a clever line. But inspiration continues to elude you, and a fifth cup of coffee does not help.

What should you do?

Ideally, you should step out and take a stroll in the woods, by the beach, or in a parkóbecause spending time with nature can boost your cognitive performance by more than 20 percent, say scientists at the University of Michigan.

But what if your office is set in the middle of the city with nary a tree in sight — not even an indoor plant in the cubicle?

Change the screen saver on your computer: it might help you think smarter.

In the Michigan University study, participants showed improvement in cognitive performance after simply looking at photos of a forested area for a few minutes. Walking down a busy city street during an office break, on the other hand, showed no such improvement.

The study concluded that connecting with nature even for a brief period mitigates the negative impact of living in a bleak urban environment.

So, if you have a visually jarring graphic or a clever but uninspiring quote on your screen, replace it with a set of nature scenes that keep changing. When stressed and out of ideas, spend a few minutes enjoying the slideshow. †It could restore the mental clarity that has been eluding you.

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David Thieke
David T2 years ago

Good idea. Thanks for sharing

Paulinha Russell
Paulinha Russell3 years ago


Mac C.
mac C3 years ago

I think movement helps no matter where you are but I can see where walking in green nature would be more helpful. Glad that screen savers could help since a lot of people don't have the liberty to wander off during working hours. Thanks.

Nimue Pendragon

Try doing a job you love, you'll never be bored or tired or uninspired :)

Dee Andrews
Sheila Brook3 years ago

Thanks i`ll be trying this

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago

I have a hillside of Texas Blue Bonnets. Simply fantastic.

Christine Stewart
Christine S3 years ago



Like the idea ill do it thanks.

Anne K.
Anne K3 years ago

Thank you!

Briony Coote
Briony C3 years ago

This inspired me to look at a nature scene for my wallpaper. I've now got a nice relaxing tropical scene. Just the thing for a grey, rainy day like this!