Top 10 Pet Photo Captions

During our weekly “Caption Contest,” we invite you to think of clever, off-the-wall, or heartwarming captions to go with the amazing animal photos submitted by Care2 members themselves! Take a look back at the top caption contest photos, and the winners that earned themselves 5000 Butterfly Reward Points.

Got a cute or funny pet photo of your own that needs a caption? Submit your photos to!

“Modeling Kitty”

Photo Credit: Megan Drake

“Brigitte pauses with practiced nonchalance as she passes her own portrait at the exhibit. The crowd, she knows, will surround her with praise very soon, very soon.” — Beth A

“Dog Nap”

Photo Credit: Michelle K.

  • “I’m just warming it up for you.” — Diane L.
  • “Cat In The Flowers”

    Photo Credit: Lynn D.


    “Color blind! Me? No, I blend in perfectly here!” — Bronwyn M.

    “Cat At The Wheel”

    Photo Credit: Jean Weston

    “I’m going to be catatonic if I don’t get my morning coffee…” — Kathy M.

    “Football Puppy”

    Photo Credit: Dawn G.

    “This handsome bachelor loves walks on the beach, rides in the car, snuggling, and a fun game of football on the weekend!” — Cheryl F.

    “Feline Frenzy”



    “That’s right Mitt, you heard me! I am not going on the roof of your stinkin’ car!” — Kay A.K.

    “Mischievous Bear Cub”

    Submitted by: LaVerne Hessinger. Photo Credit: Joanna McClees

    “I thought you said there was a BEAR feeder up here!” — Cheryl F.

    “Toothbrush Dog”

    Photo Credit: Pirjo H.


    “This is the cat’s toothbrush.” — Angie B.

    “Unlikely Dog Buddies”

    Photo Credit: Susanne J.

    I have told him…The snow is too deep out!” — Aileen C.

    “Weird Cat Behavior”

    Photo Credit: はんぶんねこ

    “Now, we’ll do the yoga pose called ‘Human Watching T.V.” — Christina C.


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