Top 11 Cars for Senior Drivers

By Anne-Marie Botek,† Editor

Older adults who continue to drive into their 80s have a more than five-fold risk of getting into a fatal accident than middle-aged motorists, according to a new Consumer Reports analysis.

Age-related declines in sight, reflexes and mental acuity can make the task of driving more difficult and dangerous for an elderly person. Many states have implemented special requirements for seniors seeking to renew their driverís licenses, including additional road tests and driverís education courses.

To an aging adult, a car represents a source of much-needed mobility in a world where grocery stores, doctorís offices and shopping centers often arenít within walking distance. Most seniors are understandably reluctant to relinquish the keys to such a vital piece of freedom.

Companies are beginning to include extra features in vehicles aimed at keeping older adults behind the wheel longer. Features like large buttons, backup cameras, and programs that will notify a driver if theyíve veered out of their lane are becoming commonplace in many recently-made automobiles.

In their investigation, Consumer Reports included a list of cars recommended for older drivers. These automobiles were chosen based on how they scored in assessments of visibility, controls, driving position, comfort and access.

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Their list of senior-friendly vehicles includes:

1. Subaru: Impreza (2012), Legacy (2010-2013), Outback (2010-2013), and Forrester (2009-2012)

2. Mercury: Sable (2008-2009)

3. Infiniti: M (2006-2010)

4. Hyundai: Azera (2006-2011) and Genesis (2009-2012)

5. Toyota: Avalon (2005-2012), Camry (2007-2012), Highlander (2004-2012), and RAV4 (2006-2012)

6. Honda: Accord V6 (2006-2007) and Accord (2008-2012)

7. Nissan: Altima (2010-2012)

8. Volkswagen: Tiguan (2009-2012)

9. Ford: Taurus (2008-2009)

10. Lexus: RX (2006-2009)

11. Acura: RDX (2013)

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Some Cars Better Than Others for Senior Drivers originally appeared on†


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Love my Rav4! Not too big, not too small. Easy to get in and out of. Not too high, not too low, just right! Plus, Ravie automatically stops at all yard/garage sales, flea markets and holds all the good buys with NO problem!

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I'm driving the wrong car!

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It needs to have live spirit.

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