Top 5 Eco Friendly, Healthy Dog Gifts for Under $20

As we’re bombarded with the newest doggy bling, toys and treats for the holidays, I’ve noticed that many of our favorite products were missing from the spotlight.

We actively seek eco-friendly, affordable and healthy dog stuff for our customers to discover. Like this month’s, Coconut PupChips™ and Kanberra Gel, we find gems that fly under the radar of  major pet chains and online superstores, often run by entrepreneurs trying to make a difference in the world.

So here are our picks of the best dog gifts that are good for your dog, good for you, and good for  the world.

1. The Business Buddy™ bag holder from Jax & Bones.
If you’ve never considered “poop” and “fashion” in the same thought, here’s your chance.
Well known for its luxury dog beds and toys, the Business Buddy is a way for Jax & Bones
to up cycle it’s high quality, leftover fabric. The patterns are stylish and of course, made in
the USA.

2. Pooyah! (Like Booyah!)
This is one of my favorite undiscovered products. Just sprinkle this blend of all natural
ingredients on the poop before you tie the waste bag – voila – no smell and no bacteria!
Also, sprinkle it on the grass after pick up to prevent the spread of disease to dogs and
humans. We’ve smelled the bag after application and it works! (Work hazard, yes.)

3. Kanberra
It’s hard to list all of the healthy benefits and uses of tea tree oil, an all-natural essential
oil that smells like you’ve just walked into a fancy spa. If you already know and love tea
tree oil (TTO), you’ll flip over Kanberra Gel. By discovering how to make TTO airborne,
Kanberra brings the same odor, allergen and bacteria fighting benefits to your pup. Also,
it repels insects/bugs – fleas / ticks / mosquitoes / no-see-ums as well as making your
dog’s ‘aroma’ smell a bit less…well, animalistic.

4. Two Sisters Bakery 100% Natural Treats
I love these so much I eat them myself. Really. I keep a few of each flavor in my purse in
case I can’t make lunch and need a quick, nutritious bite to hold me over. I don’t share all
of my dog’s treats, but this one is 100% natural made from ingredients I love. I try to save
at least a few of them for my dog, but it’s “ruff”. The two flavors are Nutty Buddies, made
with peanut butter and carrots and Sweeties, made with sweet potatoes and cranberry.

5. Bitch Balm
Who knew you could train your furry friends with flower essence oils? I love the whole product line, but my favorite, of course, is the Bitch Balm, formulated with only one essential oil, lavender. Perfect for the single-minded, angry or cranky furry kid stuck in negative thinking and behavior. I rub a little on my wrist too, to help both of us chillax. Although it seems a bit pricey, you need only compare it to all of the other ways you’ve tried to cheer up the pup. And, the founder offers free phone advice to be sure your investment pays off.

Any of these gifts can help you and your dog live longer, healthier, happier lives together, in a cleaner world.

And that is the greatest holiday gift of all.

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Lynn Curwin3 years ago

My dog, who only enjoys playing with his old favourite toys, got a couple of special things for Christmas this year. He got a blanket of colourful squares that a couple of friends and I made from scrap yarn and he got one of his favourite treats- Tofurkey slices.

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