Top 5 Tips To Keep Pets Safe During Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy threatens land along the East Coast, it is important to plan for your pets when preparing for the storm. Our friends at theASPCA and the Humane Society of the United States have provided us with toppet preparation tips to ensure pet safety if Hurricane Sandy and other looming storms reach your region.

1) Prepare To Take Your Pets — Don’t leave your pets at home. If you’re planning to head to a Red Cross Shelter or hotel, remember that not all will take animals. Here’s a list of directories for finding a pet-friendly hotel from the ASPCA. Other options include a veterinary clinic, animal control shelter, or pet shelter.

2) Photos & IDs Please! — Keep a current photograph of your pet in case something happens to them during the storm. Identification in the form of a collar is also essential and will make it easier to locate them if they get lost.

3) Leash And Pet Carriers – Think about how exactly you will keep track of your pet during the storm, and how you will transport them should you decide to evacuate. A leash and/or pet carrier will ensure your animal doesn’t go astray.

4) Bring Your Pet Inside — The last thing you want is to have to hunt for your pet on the brink of a hurricane. The National Hurricane Center suggests that owners calm and comfort pets inside well in advance of the actual storm.

5) What To Pack — The ASPCA recommends you pack five to seven days of pet food and water along with litter trays, litter and trash bags. Pet first aid kits might be a good idea, and remember their medications. If you are taking them to an animal shelter, you’ll need to bring all of the above and ensure your pet has its rabies tags, up to date immunization records and labelled supplies.

For more information, the American Red Cross has more about disaster preparedness and safety for pets.


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By Janet McCulley, Animal Planet


Stella Gamboni
Stella Gamboni5 years ago

The main thing to do is, when the authorities tell you to evacuate, don't think about "riding it out". Gather up your pet sheep and GET THE FLOCK OUT!!!

Rosann Thiessen
Rosann Thiessen5 years ago

One thing that I feel may help in a crisis, is to stay as calm as possible! Our pets already feel the stress of the current crisis, but if our voices when we speak to them is calm and reassuring they are more likely to cope with the crisis and be able to focus as well, and every one will get to safety sooner, or at least it would be what we all would hope for! God Bless all whom has had to deal with this type of crisis.

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

David V.
David V5 years ago

By no means leave your pet or lose sight of your pet during a storm &/ or disaster. Pets need us to protect them.....let's not let them down!

Julia R.
Julia R5 years ago

Thanks for sharing these great tips to prepare in advance for a hurricane or any other serious storm so that you have what you need to deal with any situation that could arise and still keep your pet safe with you!

Penny Ranger
Penny Ranger5 years ago

thanks but already knew it

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ANA MARIJA R5 years ago

Very useful, thank you!

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natalie n5 years ago

thanks for tips, useful for all forms of disasters.