Transcendence Through Meditation

One way to develop a physiology that embodies the qualities of the unified field is to have direct experience of it.

Meditation allows the mind to experience more and more abstract levels of the thinking process and, ultimately, to transcend to that most abstract level of awareness, transcendental consciousness, which is the unified field itself. This is the state of pure awareness, pure consciousness.

Meditation has been part of the spiritual tradition of almost every culture. There are a number of scientific studies that show the beneficial effects of mediation. Blood pressure comes down. Stress is alleviated. Basal metabolic rate goes down. Insomnia, anxiety, and a number of psychosomatic disorders are relieved and disappear. Moreover, there is increased brain wave coherence, which also improves attention span, creativity, learning ability, and memory retrieval.

Also, the effects of mediation last into our daily activity, and soon our activity becomes saturated and influenced by the qualities of the unified field. This is because by experientially knowing something we become it. Once we become it, we begin to embody all its properties.

Therefore, transcending becomes a very practical procedure–to not only experientially know and understand the qualities of the unified field, but to have their values expressed in our daily life, in all our daily activities.

Adapted from Creating Affluence, by Deepak Chopra (New World Library, 1993).


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Thank-you for the interesting article.

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Disconnecting from the daily grind is the best way of loving yourself

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Don't think I'd still be walking amongst us right now without it....only wish all were enlighten to the importance of freeing your mind.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton6 years ago

Meditation, gazing out the window and self-hypnosis are just slowing down your own brain waves to the alpha level, the level
at which dreams occur. Of course it lowers blood pressure and
anxiety. There's nothing cosmic or magic about it or "getting in touch with the universe or some fairy god", about it. It is indeed getting in touch with your inner self.

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Just 2 words - Thank you.

Better 3 words - I would practice!

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