Transforming Thrift Store Finds: A DIY Bookcase Hutch

DIY wall hutch from a thrifted bookcase.

Sometimes all a thrift store find needs is a new perspective. Creating a wrapping station from an armoire, turning a window into a monthly calendar, re-thinking a farmhouse table as a kitchen island and building a bench from a door are all examples of repurposing a piece in a new way. Each of these projects came from reusing, recreating and reinventing a basic furniture find into more than it was ever meant to be.

Hereís an example of an easy DIY project created from a basic, ordinary bookshelf one can find at any yard sale or thrift store. With a little molding and some imagination, this bookshelf is transformed into a hanging kitchen hutch, looking at life from an entirely different angleóliterally.

DIY bookcase hutch


  • A small bookcase
  • Wall hangers
  • Crown molding
  • Paint
  • Caulk

Step 1: Flip the bookcase upside down

Itís a good idea to begin with an idea of how the bookcase is going to look on the wall. The thrift store bookcase used for this project was smaller at the top, graduating down in size. When it was flipped, it created the perfect profile for a kitchen hutch.

Step 2: Attach the bookcase to the wall

It is important to ensure you have the proper wall hanger specific to your situation. Wall hangers differ in size and weight capacity, depending on the material your wall is made of and the heaviness of the bookcase. Follow the manufacturerís directions on the hanger kit to attach the bookcase to the wall.

Step 3: Measure and cut crown molding

Next, I attached crown molding to cover the bookcase feet. Your bookcase may or may not need molding, depending on the shape and style, but this particular piece called for it. To add molding to the legs of the bookcase, simply determine the length needed for the longest piece of crown. Measure and cut the molding straight at a 90-degree angle. Then cut a shorter piece for each side to fit.

DIY bookcase hutch

If your bookcase has feet, you can cover them by attaching crown molding.

Step 4: Attach the crown molding

This image demonstrates how the crown molding was attached to the feet of the bookcase. To start, place the bottom of the crown onto the edge of the bookcase. The flat part on the bottom of the molding creates a natural angle. Next, attach the molding to the bookcase with finish nails. Repeat this step for the front piece and the remaining side piece.

After all the molding is in place, apply a little paintable caulk and let it dry. Then paint the molding to match the bookcase. If an entirely new color is needed for the bookcase hutch, wait until the molding is attached and then paint the entire piece as a unit.

DIY bookcase hutch

The crown molding borders the top of the wall hutch, and simultaneously covers the feet of the bookcase.

DIY bookcase hutch

An upside down view of the wall hutch.

Hereís a look at the bookcase upside down. This angle helps give an idea of what it looked like when it was purchased.

And now?

DIY bookcase hutch

A wall hutch complete with thrifted white dish ware.

After flipping and molding and a little imagination?

Hereís the bookcase from a new angle. Itís been flipped and decorated with simple, inexpensive white ware finds, and now itís ready for my farmhouse kitchen.

Isnít it amazing what a new perspective can do?

As a decor blogger and DIYer,†KariAnne Wood has lots of experience decorating fabulous walls that become great focal points. She provides some helpful tips on creating interesting walls in your home. For more tips on wall decor, check out this†cool interactive on†Click here see the wall decor accessories that The Home Depot has to offer.

Photo Credit: KariAnne Wood


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