Traveling the Potential Highway

Discover and identify specific outcomes that are possible for manifesting projects. You may want to read through this entire exercise from The Manifestation Wheel, by Alan Seale, before you begin.

Do this in a spot where you can move freely. Choose a spot to represent the present time in your life and stand there. Before you begin, close your eyes and reinforce your reality field and your embodiment of your project and its greatest potential.

Let go of any pre-conceived ideas or expectations about what you should experience or discover. With your eyes still closed, imagine yourself on the Potential Expressway, a magical highway whose lanes can take you anywhere in time or space. The entire expressway is reserved for you right now; there is no one else on it except you and those who may be a part of your future. So take your time; don’t worry about holding up traffic.

You can travel this expressway using any mode of transportation. You can drive a sports car or ride in the back of a limousine; you can travel in a speedboat or yacht, on a bicycle or in a private jet; you can walk or even hitchike. Have fun with this and let your intuition show you the best vehicle for your journey.

As you travel down the expressway, the lanes begin to diverge, each going in a different direction. you may see signs telling you where the different lanes are going, or you may not. Don’t worry. Trust that you will recognize each possible outcome when you arrive there. Choose a lane to travel, open your eyes, and move to a spot that you choose to represent your first possible outcome. Standing in the energy of this outcome, consider the following questions:

* What is this outcome? Describe it.

* Tune in to the energy of this possibility. How does it feel?

* Who do you get to be here?

* What are the benefits of this particular outcome?

* What is the date now that your project is complete and this outcome is realized?

* Was the journey to this outcome easy or challenging?

* Is there anything about this outcome you don’t like?

* On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the best, how would you rate this outcome?

Stay with your feeling and intuition; resist the temptation to figure things out or analyze them. Just take what comes.

Now, go back to your starting place, close your eyes, and imagine yourself once again on the Potential Expressway with all of the lanes running side by side. Choose another lane and follow as it diverges from the others. Repeat the whole process until you have visited each of the possible outcomes, answered the questions there, and felt the energy of each outcome.

Adapted from The Manifestation Wheel, by Alan Seale (Weiser Books, 2008).


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