Climbing the Mountain: A True Animal Story

A hiking party was preparing to climb the Matterhorn. One climber in the party had a kitten. The man rose early to keep his appointment with the massive peak, leaving the kitten behind in his hotel room. He and his party dressed in their hiking gear and began the ascent. They carried food, water, rope, mountaineering equipment, and emergency supplies. But something unexpected happened when they reached the peak of the mountain. Read this inspiring true story here:

After much strenuous effort, the group finally made it to the summit. They cheered and congratulated each other, joyous that they had overcome many difficulties and persevered when it seemed they could not take another step. But the feeling of triumph, of humanity conquering nature, of going where (almost) no on had gone before, was a bit dampened when they heard a pitiful mewing sound.

Apparently the kitten had become very lonely and a little confused as to why his human friend had left him at the hotel all alone. Perhaps something was the matter and he should just go see. So the kitten finally decided to try to find his friend and followed him up the trail. The kitten had climbed to the top of the 14,780 peak–without food, water, or equipment.

Adapted from Animal Angels, by Stephanie Leland (Conari Press, 1998). Copyright (c) 1998 by Stephanie Leland. Reprinted by permission of Conari Press.
Adapted from Animal Angels, by Stephanie Leland (Conari Press, 1998).


Patty B.
Patty B6 years ago

What love the kitten had for it's human !

susan thornton
susan Thornton6 years ago

What a brave little kitten, bless. I hope they went on to have many happy years together

Dale Overall

Kittens know that being with their care giver is preferable than being alone, this sweet tender little knew how to find who the one she or he loves and depends upon. Chances are this little one will not tolerate being left alone for long periods again!

jayasri amma
jayasri amma7 years ago


paula eaton
paula eaton7 years ago


Athena C.
Athena C7 years ago

Wow! I'm assuming that the two were reunited? And safe?

Kara C.
Kara C8 years ago

Wow what an amazing kitten, hope he was ok and that they carried him down.

Krasimira B.
Krasimira B8 years ago

What a brave little friend! Thank you Annie for posting.

Rie Rie T.
Ria T8 years ago

This is awe-inspiring and touching. Leaves me without words for once. ; ]

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W8 years ago