Try New Varieties in Your Garden

One of my favorite aspects of gardening is trying new things I’ve never grown (or maybe even never eaten) before.

In Triumphant Turnipis, you’ll find variety recommendations for all turnip types, including white-fleshed ‘Purple Top White Globe’ (55 days to maturity, open pollinated), which has a loyal following.

If you’re growing lettuce, try ‘Green Salad Bowl,’ a lime green loose-leaf variety and “All-American Selections” winner. It’s easy to grow and more heat-tolerant than many lettuces, plus you can harvest outer leaves and the plants will keep producing. See Grow Great Lettuce for more tips and varietal information.

‘Touchstone Gold’ is my favorite variety of beets to grow. I find golden beets have a slightly milder flavor than red beets. To learn all about growing beets and finding great varieties, see Growing Beets.

The world of carrots offers seemingly endless types and varieties to try. Consider growing ‘Sugarsnax’ for tasty, sweet carrots perfect for lunches. ‘Red Core’ carrots are beautiful, have rich flavor and store well after harvesting. This chart of carrot types and variety recommendations offers many more ideas.

Tomatoes are a garden favorite, but different types and varieties thrive in different growing regions. To find some great options for you, see Best Tomatoes to Grow Where You Live.

Best of luck to you in your gardens this year! If you have favorite varieties you always grow, please tell us about them in the comments section.

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A nice thing to do is to grow a few of your tomato and pepper plants in containers. That way, in the fall you can bring them in on a porch or even kitchen and still get weeks worth of veggies from them. Some vegetables make beautiful houseplants, too.

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How to Grow Great Tomatoes

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