Try This 15 Minute Yoga Video to Kickstart Your Morning

Zev Starr-Tambor of Tribeca Yoga produced this beautiful 15 minute morning yoga video. Whether you’re new to yoga or an old pro, you’ll love starting your day with this refreshing 15 minute wake-up sequence.

This is basically a guided variation on a sun salutation. Starr-Tambor walks you through the sequence with soothing beach sounds in the background. The sequence he provides is great for centering yourself before starting your day!

If you’re new to yoga, I’d recommend watching the video a few times before you practice to get a feel for the poses and how to transition between them. The first few times that you actually do the series, you might need to pause the video, look up to see what is happening on the screen, or even back it up. That’s OK! We don’t call it a “yoga practice” for nothing.

Try This 15 Minute Yoga Video to Kickstart Your Morning

The sequence begins with some very basic poses and progresses into more strenuous poses during the second half of the video. There are a few times where he says “you can” or “you’re welcome to.” These invitations are variations. If you don’t feel ready to move into those more advanced postures, just stay where you are instead. You’re getting the benefit by finding your own edge. If you push yourself too far, you just risk injury. Pace yourself – you’ll get there with practice!

If you’ve never done yoga first thing in the morning, you might be surprised to find it more difficult than an afternoon or evening practice. Eight hours of lying in bed leave our muscles stiff. Don’t worry if you can’t go as far with morning yoga. Your goal here isn’t burning calories or breaking a sweat. Morning yoga is about finding balance and kicking off your day in the right mindset.




Teresa W.
Teresa W2 years ago

thank you

Gipsy Bee
Daisy G2 years ago

Oh my YES!!! I love my daily Sun Salutations! Invigorating :)

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Julia Oleynik
Julia Oleynik3 years ago

In my oppinion yoga is one of the most wonderful things in our world. I do similar sun-salutation complex every morning and it make real effect on my day!
Thank you for sharing :)

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H3 years ago

I was watching this and thinking there is no way my body could function like that! Amazing flexibility. Thanks for sharing.

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Genoveva M3 years ago

Thanks, excellent video.

Luna starr
luna starr3 years ago

Nothing like it

Janis K.
Janis K3 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Fi T.
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Appropriate and sensible to start the morning with stretch out