Two Glasses of Milk Per Day, Like it or Not

My kid doesn’t really go for milk. Sure he will humor me from time to time with a few sips from a glass, but all in all, he shows very little interest. This would normally be fine, but since milk is the most accessible, as well as abundant, form of vitamin D and calcium, I am always trying to sell him on the virtues of milk consumption. While a lot of kids out there are habitual milk drinkers, there are critics of the practice who attest that milk drinking is not at all a natural thing for children. Some prefer goat’s milk, whereas others completely abstain or go for highly processed products like soymilk or almond milk. But to be sure, the debate about the virtues of milk just doesn’t go away.

Some of the criticism directed towards milk involves the way in which milk (which is naturally low in iron) actually acts to prevent the body’s ability to absorb iron from other foods, thus leaving certain milk drinkers sadly iron deficient. So finding the balance between a vitamin D and calcium-rich regimen of milk consumption and maintaining healthy iron levels has always been a tricky one.

Recently Canadian researchers, after tracking the milk drinking habits of 1300 “healthy urban preschoolers,” came upon the presumed sweet spot in milk to iron balance. And this perfect balance would be two glasses of milk per day (or 500 ml). With the consumption of two glasses per day, children were able to gather the desired levels of vitamin D and calcium, while showing negligible loss of iron. The report also showed that drinking more than two glasses to gather excess vitamin D (a vitamin that much of the population is deficient) is ill advised. You would be much better off having your kids stick with the two glasses and taking a vitamin D supplement to make up for lost vitamin D.

How do you maintain vitamin D, calcium and iron levels for your children? Do you opt for milk and dairy products or go straight to leafy greens and fortified products, like tofu?


Clare O
Clare O'Beara8 months ago

I don't like drinking milk and went off it young. I'll drink the odd flavoured milk shake. My first primary school used to give a small bottle of milk at breaktime, I believe the government gave it free. But if you did not drink milk you got nothing. No orange juice or anything.

Clare O
Clare O'Beara8 months ago

Using the dairy produce of animals that can eat grass, from buffalo to goat to mare to sheep, has been a survival strategy for many generations. Most would not drink all the milk but would make butter from it, later cheese as well. These could be carried, kept, traded, sold. This is why dairy animals were valued in domestication.

Lepidopter Phoenyx

My daughter loves milk and drinks it like a calf. Always has.

I don't care to drink milk, but love unsweetened Greek yogurt, lots of different cheeses, and dark leafy greens.

I have never found a non-dairy milk that was a suitable substitute for real milk - soy gives me gas that makes my farts qualify as a chemical weapon in violation of the Geneva Convention, and I don't like the texture or flavor of rice or almond milk. I like the taste of coconut milk ok in coffee, but not for cornbread or biscuits, and not on cereal.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago

there is a lot of conflicting data about milk and its drawbacks and benefits. In moderation, it is FINE. My great grandmother milked cows and drank milk her entire life (as did everyone in those times) and she lived a very healthy life up until the ripe age of 90. She didn't even pass from bad health! I am lactose intolerant but am an avid lover of milk, my son, however, is happier with one glass or so a day. We are both just fine. Have a balanced diet, be careful to know what is in the milk you buy, and what is being added to it (and the cows!) Be a conscious consumer, and if you cut dairy out just be sure to get the nutrients from other sources! No point in everyone being so emotional about this. if you disagree with milk consumption, don't drink it. If you love milk and the benefits it can have, drink it. Read up and stay informed, but everyone just CHILL OUT. Good article by the way, thanks

Ram Reddy
Care member5 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Syd H.
Syd H5 years ago

ARE YOU INSANE?! Milk (nor any other dairy) does *NOT* naturally come with Vitamin D!!!! It is added to it. It did not start until the 1930s! And ONLY in the U.S.

Vitamin D is a nutrient we get from sunshine, not milk!

I would rather get my supplements, if needed, straight from a source I choose not some dairy business looking for the cheapest available to satisfy some USDA/FDA idea.

Eat leafy greens of all kinds for calcium, that also happen to come with vitamin K and magnesium which we also need for strong bones and good alkaline blood rather than the wash which comes from the calcium of kidney damaging protein in milk.

Watch, "Got - The Facts On - Milk" if you want to know how silly it is to force milk on us. We don't need milk replacements either. The idea we "need" milk is all a corporate idea just as the idea Diamonds are a sign of love and the French Breakfast.

Deanna Collins
Deanna C5 years ago

Why are humans the only species required to have dairy after infancy? It doesnt make sense.

Laurel B.
Laurel B.5 years ago

I wish I had time to make my own almond milk

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 5 years ago

Try making your own almond milk. It's really pretty simple and very nutritious!!!

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener5 years ago

Cheese, yoghurt, alt. milk products...and esp. GREENS!