Two Tons Of Ivory Intercepted In Hong Kong

Officials with the Ports and Maritime Command were tipped off about a possible shipment of illegal ivory headed to Hong Kong from Malaysia on Tuesday.

Upon close inspection, customs officials found 794 pieces of African ivory tusks hidden under a layer of stones. The collection weighed approximately two tons, and was concealed inside a container marked “non-ferrous products for factory use.”  The tusks were worth about $13 million and believed to have been poached from elephants.

“The authorities in Hong Kong are to be congratulated on this important seizure, but it is now vital to ensure that all leads are followed to track down those responsible along the entire smuggling chain,” said Tom Milliken, TRAFFIC’s Elephant & Rhino Programme Co-ordinator.

Globally, illicit trade in ivory has been escalating since 2004 and Chinese consumption is considered to be the leading driver behind Africa’s elephant poaching crisis.

A 66-year-old man was arrested, while a follow-up investigation continues. Under the Import and Export Ordinance, any person found guilty of importing unmanifested cargoes is liable to a maximum fine of $2 million and imprisonment for seven years.

The seizure occurred only days after the CITES Standing Committee recommended a review of China’s internal ivory trade protocol to determine whether there are possibilities for illicitly sourced ivory to leak into the legal ivory trade system.

A total of 164 ivory seizures have occurred in Hong Kong during over the past 23 years, collectively representing over 17 tonnes of elephant ivory.

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Image Credit: Hong Kong Customs/Information Services


Chinmayee Jog
Chinmayee Jog5 years ago

Everyone involved should be given a death sentence. Poachers don't deserve to live!!

The following link is a lovely and very necessary project that is being put into place to prevent poaching against rhinos in Africa, however they have a deadline in order to collect all the necessary funds, so please donate - even a small amount will make a difference!! Plus each donation comes with a gift sent to you depending on the amount!

Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago

Should have tracked it further and arrest/jailed everyone who bought any.

Sue H.
Sue H5 years ago

Hong Kong Need to crack down on those receiving these shipments. Very sad.

carol k.
carol k5 years ago

they could stop this if they put out a bounty on every poacher killed and strung up for viewing ; pay out the same price that an elephant tusk would cost ! people would be catching the poachers getting paid and elephants would be protected.

carol k.
carol k5 years ago

I hate Chinese / Asiains ! They are selfish heartless greedy bastards! all those lives wasted ,cut down in their prime of life . even baby elephants, also for their sex organs because the chinese have trouble performing and they think the dead rotting penis or balls or vulva of a elephant will do for them what they lack in size ,performance and ability! they are a disgusting race

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers5 years ago

Horrendous. China must change and educate people.

Ans Weevers
Ans W6 years ago

‎"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be determined by the ways it treats it's animals."
Mahatma Gandhi

Ailsa Porter
Ailsa Porter6 years ago

Those poor elephants!!!!

Jaette C.
Jaette Carpenter6 years ago

I talked to an elephant sanctuary awhile back about the idea that someone could come up with an ingredient, either a stain that would render the tusks unusable for carvings, etc., but still usable by the elephants. I wish someone could come up with something like that. It would stop this terrible killing of elephants.

Waltraud U.
Waltraud U6 years ago

cannot believe - such quantity ? What is so difficult to stop these kind of things ?