Unacceptable Levels: 80,000 Chemicals in Our Lives (Video)

There are more than 80,000 chemicals in our daily life—in everything from cosmetics and cleaning products to furniture and food—and yet very few of them are regulated by government. Many of them have not been proven to be safe for humans on their own, let alone tested for how they might combine with each other once in our bodies. Some studies have found over 200 toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies; these chemicals permeate our birth, life, and death.

A new documentary, Unacceptable Levels, tackles the issue of untested chemicals in our lives: where they come from, what they might do to our health, and what we can do about it.

If you live in the San Francisco-Bay Area, you can attend the first pre-theatrical screening of this documentary (followed by a panel discussion with filmmaker Ed Brown. One of the panel participants will be Care2′s own Robyn Hessinger!). If you live elsewhere and/or can’t attend, you can find more information at the Unacceptable Levels website.

When: Tuesday September 11 at 7 PM

Where: The Napa Valley Opera House, 1030 Main Street, Napa CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

You can purchase tickets ($7) online from Vendini, or from the NVOH by phone: 707.226.7372.

Here’s some further information from the filmmakers:

The film is about the impact — and unknown effects — of the myriad of chemicals in products that we use and are exposed to everyday, from our food, water and household furnishings to our cleaning supplies and cosmetics. The film is not overblown with rhetoric or scare-mongering — just reasonable, responsible concerns — and they are significant issues!

Participants on the panel following the screening include Ken Cook (President and Co-Founder, the Environmental Working Group), Caroline Cox (Research Director, Center for Environmental Health), Kevin Connolly (Associate Director, Earth Island Institute), Beth Greer (award-winning journalist and environmental health consultant), and Robyn Hessinger (Editor-in-Chief, Care2.com).

Organizations and individuals featured in the film include Dr. Alan Greene, Randy Hayes (Rainforest Action Network), Ken Cook (Environmental Working Group), Stacy Malkan, Ralph Nader, Judi Shils (Teens Turning Green), Healthy Child Healthy World, Andy Igrejas (Safer Chemicals Healthy Families), Dr. Devra Lee Davis (Environmental Health Trust), Joan Blades (MomsRising.org and MoveOn.org) and Dr. Tyrone Hayes (UC Berkeley).

The filmmaker will be in the San Francisco Bay Area for the screening, and looks forward to meeting the Northern California community. Here is a recent article from his home town paper, The Patriot News (Central PA): “Carlisle man produces film about impact of commercial chemicals on human health.”




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Amy R.
Past Member 6 years ago

good video

Traci Phillips
Traci Phillips6 years ago

Horrible, just horrible

susan k.
susan k6 years ago

Take a stand stop chemical use don't buy the products , pass the information on . This is scary it effects us all and our enviornment .

Ajla C.
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Od necega se mora umrijeti.

Shelly Peterson
Shelly Peterson6 years ago

I believe this is the cause behind autism and alheismer (sorry, can't remember how to spell it!..see!?!)

Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M6 years ago

that 'd be right...........legal euthanasia is that right? hmmmmmm

Roger M.
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Just the 80,000 then....

Carla van der Meer

Very scary stuff...

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