Oakland’s Funkiest Pups Have a Message For You

Many of us are familiar with ”Uptown Funk” — the number one hit by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. I knew the song was fun and contagious, but it wasn’t until I saw this parody video on Dogster that I realized what a great vehicle it is for promoting pet adoption.

The East Bay SPCA created a very fun video, “Oaktown Pup,” promoting pet adoption, spaying and neutering. Everyone is having fun and dancing… the East Bay SPCA staff, the dogs and cats at the shelter, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf (seen playing with German Shepherd puppies), and new adopters.

Why Spay and Neuter?

In addition to preventing pet overpopulation, spaying and neutering has health benefits for pets. According to the ASPCA, spaying helps reduce the chance of female pets from getting breast cancer or uterine infections. And if neutered before six months of age, male companions have a less chance of developing testicular cancer.

Neutered males are sometimes calmer than non-neutered males, and they are less likely to urinate throughout their house, marking their territory. Contrary to popular belief, neutering does not make pets overweight (but overfeeding and lack of exercise will).

Some pet owners may cite the cost as a reason to avoid spaying and neutering, but the one-time cost is much cheaper compared to the cost of raising a litter of puppies. Since spaying and neutering will help prevent the overpopulation of pets in shelters across the country, many offer low cost spay and neuter clinics.

While all of the dogs and cats in the video above have already been adopted, there is no shortage of pets at your local shelter looking for their forever home. Watch the video (approaching 1 million views on youtube) and you just might be dancing your way to your local shelter.

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Brilliant video, beautiful dogs and puppies. Thanks for sharing.

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Adopt, never buy, and always neuter your pets.

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They were all just so awesome.

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Glennis Whitney
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So many cute dogs, they were all awesome, thank you for sharing.

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