Urban Gardening with Author of Four Fish

Paul Greenberg is being applauded in the media for his new book “Four Fish” (see the New York Times Book Review!), but most people don’t know that he is a radical urban gardener.  His New York City apartment in a high-rise building is only a few blocks from Ground Zero – an area Paul believes should have more green space – particularly of the kitchen garden variety. To prove his point and to help feed his family, Paul planted a kitchen garden on his shady apartment terrace.  He calls it Ground Zero Garden. Parent Earth made these videos to show how he gardens on the size- and light-challenged site as he strives for a diversified crop and – as he says – “salad self-sufficiency.”  Paul Greenberg’s 3 year-old son helps – sort of.

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Inspirational! This is the only way to go. Thanks for a good article.

Sara T: I found quite by accident this year that bees really love Nasturtiums so in order for our meager supply of bees to polinate all the fruits I moved pots of nasturtiums where I needed the work done. They grow low, are extremely hardy, pests don't like them and they flower prodigiously. An added bonus is that the flowers are edible (peppery) and the seeds can be pickled like capers.

Janet: I don't have any garden worth speaking of and do all my growing in buckets. It works a treat, is much less work to maintain and you can move plants around as you need to follow the sun/shade. There are some excellent videos on uTube on bucket/container gardening.

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Nicole Betancourt

Thanks everyone for your comments! We will be dong more videos on Paul's garden and also a few on fish and fishing. I am excited to film the summer garden in August - I am sure it will look much different. Between the garden and his fishing, Paul eats really well and spends very little money on food. Please let me know (in a comment here) what your questions for Paul and maybe I can include them in our next interview with him!

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Congradulations, Paul, on "doing your own thing"... you're doing a fantastic job of making things work for you. Just wish others would start being so creative, providing, of course, they have the space.