Use Food to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Food for foreplay? Ambrosia as an aphrodisiac? Hot fudge when youíre hot and bothered? Absolutely! Food and sex go together like peanut butter and KY jelly! For centuries, people have used food to enhance sexual experiences. Many foods carry sexual connotations. Cherries are symbolic of virginity. Oysters are famous for increasing sexual arousal. Other foods conjure up images of candlelit moments and soft music, like chocolate and whipped cream. Heck, you can even buy edible undergarments or fruit flavored condoms. Thereís nothing wrong with adding a little flavor to your frolicking!

Comfort food is referred to as such because it elicits good feelings within us. A warm bowl of chicken noodle soup, a steamy plate of macaroni and cheese, or a good homemade meatloaf bring up memories of being comforted, loved and cared for. So it is with foods that evoke amorous emotions. If you feel yourself getting a little steamy while licking on a double dip ice cream cone, make a night of it. Get a bowl of your favorite flavor and two spoons and indulge under the sheets with your partner. The cool, soft silkiness of the ice cream will create an amazing contrast to the warm feelings welling up inside you. If some of your first memories with your lover are those of enjoying a sensuous meal, recapture those moments by sharing that meal together in the bedroom.

Cooking together is another wonderful way to heighten your sexual experience. The abundant smells and flavors that surround you while you cook together will increase your awareness of the many other sensations occurring. Kneading dough, shaping meatballs, or peeling fruit allows your hands to touch and experience something totally separate from what your mind may be thinking, adding dimension to the moment. Wear something soft or sexy to accentuate the ambiance. Or wear nothing at all. Being in the buff with the one you love while creating a delicious meal definitely gets the temperature rising.

People associate many things with food; sexuality is just one of them. Allow yourself to experiment with different flavors, textures and temperatures of food while you explore your personal tastes. Let your partner introduce you to new delicacies. Being guided into trying something new with the one you love deepens the bond of trust and creates a shared experience between only the two of you.

Cooking together doesnít have to be kinky, either. Take a cake baking class with your spouse, or go to a wine tasting together. Study up on different French pastries or learn how to make preserves. Any type of activity that involves food can provide a ripe environment for sexual feelings to grow. Sharing a truly intimate moment with someone you care deeply about, while creating something delectable, is a recipe for success.

Surprise your lover with a picnic dinner, in bed. Sprinkle the sheets with candy mints. Lean over the dinner table and feed her a bite of your food off of your fork. Engage all of the senses through taste, smell, touch, sight and sound as you take in your next meal together. Wrap yourselves in the moment as you sit down to the breakfast table. Youíll be amazed at how quickly an everyday meal can take on a whole new feeling. And take it slow. Good food, like good sex, is meant to be enjoyed.

So next time you and your partner arenít quite in the mood, think food. Eating satisfies your physical appetite. And if you choose the right food and the right partner, you can satisfy your sexual appetite as well! Bon Appetit!

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Jane R.
Jane R6 years ago

Wow! I wonder if any of this really works. Like, how many oysters does a person need to eat and how long before they take effect?

Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

Bananas, strawberries & pineapple rings. Make sure the proper privates are used with the edibles. Its good.

Faith Purdy
Faith Purdy6 years ago

interesting ;)

Kara C.
Kara C6 years ago

Just remember if you do sprinkle candy mints on the best don't do the deed on top of them, mint in personal parts stings and you will never get the sheets clean :P

Manuela C.
Manuela C6 years ago

thank you, I guess...

Sheila D.
Sheila D6 years ago

Cute article; however, I'm just not into having food in my bed.

Craig Zimmerman
Craig Zimmerman6 years ago

Do Americans need food to motivate them to do everything?

Hilary A.
Hilary S6 years ago

all that heat with no little blue pills? can't be a bad thing!

Paul Blake ND
Paul Blake ND6 years ago

Sprinkle some celery seed on those hot dishes (pun intended).
Celery seed is a aromatic, tonic herb that reduces blood pressure, relieves indigestion, stimulates the uterus, is an aphrodisiac and has diuretic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Everyone knows that chocolate has an aphrodisiac effect but we are talking dark like bitter sweet or at least 70% coco plus is where it is at.

Two herbs to turn you on with extra plus
Damiana, its Latin name is Turnera Aphrodisiaca because of its sexual potency reputation for women. It has a relaxing effect, gives a mild cannabis like high and is a light aphrodisiac. This effect lasts for about one hour and with regular use the effect will become stronger. With prolonged use Damiana increases potency and helps to regulate hormones in women and guess what guys it does the same for us.
Ginseng’s has a tonic effect on the pituitary gland (master gland of the hormone system) which has a stimulating effect on the adrenals. This has an aphrodisiac effect and also speeds up the nervous reflexes and increases analytical and overall mental performance, while diminishing fatigue.

Have a very hot and comforting party all!

Doc Blake

Laurie D.
Laurie D6 years ago

Very SWEET ideas! I love the nurturing offered here!