Vegan Corner: An Online Guide for All Things Vegan

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Looking for a vegan bakery or the best place to buy cruelty-free clothing? may be just the place for you.It’s a new resource for finding vegan restaurants and vegan-friendly companies all over the world, as well as connecting people with fellow eco-conscious consumers. The site was founded in 2011 by Nathan and Adriana Pope – two animal rights activists and committed vegans.

“VeganCorner was created as a way to make being vegan easier. We found that despite huge jumps in available technology, there still wasn’t anything that was created specifically for vegans,” saidAdriana in a recent interview with “Some sites incorporated vegan-friendly options into their results but lacked practicality. You still had to weed through mostly irrelevant results that didn’t cater specifically to our needs.”

Like the vegan’s version of Yelp, Vegan Corner has a huge database of profiles for restaurants, shops, and entertainment where users can submit their reviews. You can search by location or by category, and the database also includes things like books, blogs, hotels, and animal sanctuaries. Other resources include event listings, recipe sharing, news updates and a blog.

The Popes plan to advertise their site and help others easily find vegan options by distributing window clings to vegan-friendly businesses. Their colorful “Discover Vegan Options” sticker will alert others that cruelty-free alternatives are within! They are also creating a free smartphone app that will be available soon.

To help with their promotion, the Popes created a campaign on to raise $10,000 in funds for Vegan Corner. One of their goals is to hire a programmer to help the website look and feel more polished and user-friendly. They offer rewards such as t-shirts, stickers, and ad placements on the site for donations.

As they state in their campaign video, “Veganism isn’t just about food; it’s a lifestyle. Our goal is to make veganism accessible and convenient.” and check it out!


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