Vegan Tea Party Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and one way to celebrate is to share an old-fashioned (or hip & modern!) tea party with mom. That’s right—they’re not just for the 6 and under crowd, but for anyone who wants a unique way to spend time with a loved one over a healthy beverage and delicious food.

Here are some ideas for making sure all the elements of the perfect, plant-based tea party come together:

The tea

Probably the most important part! There are tons of different varieties of teas from around the world—each have their unique history, taste, caffeine content and overall experience. Pick the tea that you and mom like best, or offer a variety to sample different types and flavors. If you’re not sure where to start, green tea is always a winner—and it has significant health benefits. The environment you’d like to create can also be enhanced by the type of tea you choose: different kinds tend to promote different mood-balancing effects. For example: if you’d like to incorporate an artistic activity during your gathering, chai tea can get the creative juices flowing.

The food

A tea party without finger foods is no tea party I’d like to attend. Keep it simple with this element—offering a huge buffet will make attendees feel heavy and bogged down, so light and fresh foods are preferable. Dip-ables, like hummus and fresh salsa, are an easy and affordable choice. Stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta and tea sandwiches are also perfect for the job. If you and your mom prefer to go the comfort food route, there are plenty of delicious and easy-to-make, plant-based snacks out there that would please the palate.

The decorations

The decor can really set the tone for a tea party—whether that tone is high-energy and fun or low-back and stress-free. Creating an eco-friendly setting is also an important feature: start with paperless invitations and use found items from nature to decorate: pinecones, fresh flowers and even the herb garden you’re cultivating can create a bright and friendly pop of green. Avoid disposable silverware and napkins to be low-waste, as well.

The company

When it all comes down to it, the quality time spent with mom will be what you’ll remember the most. Choose activities you know mom will enjoy—you can opt for a nature hike with a tea party at the end, a painting party with the tea as a side attraction, or not set an agenda and just enjoy each other’s company. Either way, the quality time is what it’s all about.

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