Venus, the Beautiful “Two-Faced” Cat (Photos)

Have you ever met a cat whose face is a perfect split of two different fur colors? If not, then give a warm welcome to Venus the Chimera Cat. After her photo appeared on Reddit, she’s been admired by thousands for her unusual coloration and sweet demeanor!

The “Chimera” in Venus’s title refers to chimerism, which is a naturally-occurring genetic condition in which one organism is born from four parent cells (e.g. two fertilized eggs that have fused together). While Venus may not be a true chimera—her appearance is just as likely due to normal genetic variation—she’s certainly an unusual beauty!

Click through to see more photos of Venus, as well as a video!


Photo Credit: Venus’s Page


Photo Credits: Venus’s Page

Venus and her adoptive siblings:


Photo Credit: Venus’s Page

More sibling pics…


Photo Credit: Venus’s Page

And a cute video!


If you want regular Venus updates, here’s her Facebook page.



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sandra vito
Sandra V2 years ago

la belleza personificada! gracias

Ryan Ellis
Ryan Ellis3 years ago


Marian A.
Marian Austin4 years ago


Val M.
Val M4 years ago


Nila A.
Nila A.5 years ago

Venus is a real beauty. What a remarkable genetic Mutation. She is unusual and this makes here stunning in both her face and her two different eye colors. I have four cats. And in two of my babies they have genetic mutations that give them short and stumpy tails. And this does nothing to chnage how sweet they are. You are one in a millon venus and quite lovely too.

Genesis Merano
Genesis Merano5 years ago

Venus is like a unique and beautiful masterpiece, like a wonderful collage or mosaic. She's a lovely cat, really one in a gazillion.

Lindell B.
Lindell B.5 years ago

Im the care taker of Venus' canine counterpart. She is a 6 mth old Catahoula Leapard Dog that has a line right down the middle of her snout dividing her face into black one side and black/white merle on the other. Wish I could insert a picture for comparision.

Lisa L.
Lisa L.5 years ago

I believe Venus is a Chimera. I'm not sure if she's sterile. I think she has two sets of DNA. I don't think male cats can be tortoise shell or calico, just the females. I found a cat with the black and orange brindle coloring. We named her Brenda. She brought three kittens and placed them under our stairs on the deck. The two males are orange like Morris the cat and the girl is tortoise shell just like her mommy. The two girls don't have that distinct two tone color right down the face and they don't have one blue and one green eye, but our little tortoise shell girl has the distinct split under her chin. Venus is truly beautiufl to look at.

Angela P.
Angela P.5 years ago

What a truly unique feline face! Very, very beautiful & one of a kind. I currently have 10 felines myself - all were shelter adoptions with a few rescues & all are altered. I have 1 all white female named Lily Rose & she has 1 blue eye & 1 green eye. Thanks so much for sharing Venus' story - again she is truly a unique & beautiful feline! God Bless & Happy 2013!

Susan E.
Susan E.5 years ago