Vote For America’s Top Green Restaurants

By Katherine Sather / The Nature Conservancy

Restaurants throughout the United States are vying for votes this month in the 2013 People’s Choice Nature’s Plate Awards, a Nature Conservancy contest honoring sustainable restaurants.

Finalists have been announced in 24 locations and now it’s up to the public to help decide the winners. Vote now for your favorite local restaurant that’s making an effort to go green, whether by serving organic or local sourced food, using tap water instead of bottled, or incorporating other sustainable practices.

Voting will end Oct. 15 and winners in each location will be announced Oct. 17.

This is a state-by-state and city-by-city contest that is currently taking place in the following locations:† California (LA and San Francisco), Colorado, New Mexico (Albuquerque and Santa Fe), Oregon, Connecticut, Florida (Miami), Georgia (Atlanta), Massachusetts (Boston), New Jersey, North Carolina (Durham), Ohio (Cleveland), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), Washington DC, Minnesota (Minneapolis and St. Paul), Hawaii, Illinois and New York (NYC, Finger Lakes and Hudson Valley). Donít see your city listed and think it would be a great fit? E-mail Jenna Boig at and weíll do our best to include it next year!

Why the focus on sustainable food? Well, whether youíre a vegan, vegetarian or a meat-eater, itís a good bet the healthiest and tastiest food on your table came from nature. From the oysters growing out in Cape Cod to the tomatoes soaking up the sun at the farm down the road, healthy food demands a healthy planet. And our planet is nurtured when food production is sustainable.

Thatís why The Nature Conservancy is to working with food producers everywhere.† We are bringing traditionally unexpected partners together in the name of healthy food and a healthy environment, finding solutions that are good for their businesses, for consumers and for nature.

And we need you! Together we can raise awareness about the connection between good food and conservation.

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