Spring Garden Tips To Wake Up The Garden

Are you ready for a new season? March marks the beginning of what we Northeasterners call, Mud Season. The ground is not quite primed for gardening yet, and weíre up to our knees in mud. It is the perfect time to take the snow gloves off and start exercising that green thumb.

7 Tips For Prepping The Garden

1. Survey the Yard
The winter takes its toll. Check fences, steps, and pathways for disrepair caused by freezing and thawing.

2. Tune up tools
Sharpen and repair tools.

3. Get The Mower Ready
Like the snow blower, the mower and leaf blower sit idle for months and then invariably won’t start. If needed, send them for the requisite servicing.

4. Create Compost
If you donít compost during the winter months, collect compost and begin to create a pile. Spread compost over soil and turn regularly.

5. Prepare New Planting Beds
As soon as the snow melts and the ground thaws, clear the planting area and remove debris.

6. Clean Bird Feeders and Baths
Here’s how Martha Stewart cleans her feeders:
“Disinfect the feeders by scrubbing with weak bleach solution (1/4 cup bleach: 2 gallons warm water). Rinse and dry the feeders thoroughly before refilling them. Scrub birdbaths with bleach solution, then rinse them thoroughly and refill, changing water weekly.”

7. Get Organic Seeds
Support sustainable agriculture and purchase seeds from a local nursery or order from a seed catalog. Seeds of Change sells seeds that are certified organically grown in accordance with the National Organic Standards and meet or exceed Federal germination requirements.

Here are more tips for getting your garden prepped for the growing season. Please share some of your garden prep tips.

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For starting your organic seeds indoors. Here's how to shed some light.
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