Wake Up to Yoga (video)

Whatís the first thing to do when you wake up? Whatever your answer, you might want to try switching it to yoga.

Thatís what this video is all about.

Sadie Nardini, Master Yoga Teacher, shows you a few simple poses, stretches and breathing exercise you can easily do before you get out of bed to get you ready for the day. Itís all pretty easy; you donít want to strain your body so early in the morning. And itís flexible; do whatever part of it you feel like or remember.

What a great way to start your day!

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Miranda Parkinson

Message to self, "must try this!"

Winn Adams
Winnie A5 years ago


Susan S.
Paul Stephan6 years ago

Wow. This is great.

Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose7 years ago

and umm Kate K. some people do wear tight clothing to bed and maybe she's not wearing makeup and she just looks like that nomally... and if she is..wouldn't you put makeup on for a video??

Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose7 years ago

i thought for sure she was gonna bump her head on the window sill ....great ideas though!!!

Katie M.
Katie M7 years ago

thanks, i'll try some

Julianna D.
Juliana D7 years ago

SOOO gonna try this in the morning!

Muhammod H.
Muhammod H7 years ago

nice and helpfull

Shirley G.
Shirley G.7 years ago

Love it! What a great way to slowly wake up and begin your day. Thank you for sharing.

Kate K I think she probably puts a bit make up on for the vdo.
Why not just respect the message she wants to bring instead of focussing on how she looks like or what she's wearing.

Tonya Freeman
Tonya Freeman7 years ago

This is perfect! My husband has been going through a gout attack and hasn't had much exercise. I was just talking to him about doing some kind of exercise in bed and this fits the bill. Thank you Sadie. I appreciate you and will share this with him in the morning.