Walk the Walk – When You Can

I recently had a conversation about how to live according to our principles. We may want to patronize local businesses, be environmentally aware, refrain from supporting corporate exploitation and eat organic food, but is that realistic? Only if we meet ourselves where we are. That is, only if we realize that it is OK just to do what we can – we don’t have to be perfect.

Living in our contemporary society, it is difficult not to contribute to something we don’t necessarily believe in, even if it’s only in a small way. But we do as much as we can to live according to our principles, because the alternative is to lead a thoughtless life. We don’t have to be perfect to live consciously, we just have to do what we honestly can.

Furthermore, this is how social change happens. It starts with our own lives. If we make conscious decisions whenever we can that support our principles, that encourages others to do the same. And pretty soon, there’s a movement. We’re not infallible, but if we truly do our best, that is significant. We cannot expect to create genuine social change if we don’t walk the walk – but it’s OK if we trip every now and then.


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Fi T.
Past Member 4 years ago

Enjoy what we have

Danuta Watola
Danuta W4 years ago

Thanks for the info!

Roger M.
Past Member 5 years ago


Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago


harriet s.
Heather M5 years ago

Food for thought. Thank you!

Angie B.
Angela B5 years ago

Thanks for the reminder!! I think we all get caught in the "perfectionism web" sometimes and we need help getting back to basics.

Vero Gall
Past Member 5 years ago

A very nicely written encouragement. Thank you for the reminder. You are right, we don't need to waste our energy in being perfect, we just need to do the best we can when we can.

Mary B.
Mary B5 years ago

Wonderful article! And for some, it seems that if they can't do it 'perfectly' they end up not doing anything at all, then spiraling down into self critisizem,self pity, and self medication. I can understand why people get sick of perpetual victoms of that type.

Abbe A.
Azaima A5 years ago


Doyle Osburn
Doyle Osburn5 years ago

simple enough and I was just getting down on myself about those very things.