Walking in Your Sexual Power

I just spent several days walking, dancing, playing, and dining in a world of generous succulence. In this world, I had several opportunities to talk with women about sexuality and their relationship with men.

It seems that so many of us want the attention of men, yet greet their attention with anger or fear. We want masculine attention, dress for it, flip our hair on the street for it, but when we get a response – we often respond with fear or anger. Our eyesoften don’t greet the smile of masculine appreciation with warmth – often we return it with a “how dare you notice!”

Sometimes we just look away and pretend that we didn’t notice. Some of us may snort and think “pigs” to ourselves. And honestly, it is not necessary to do anything with anyone’s response to our sexuality. But what if….

What if we instead chose to allow the compliments that come to us in an appreciative smile or wink on the street from a masculine energy that admires us as we pass? What if we returned the smile? What if you could feel that the warm attention of men as you walked down the street in your sexual power was simply their acknowledging your feminine power?

Could you possibly allow yourself to feel their joy and pleasure in admiring you? How would it feel to allow that in? Could we all possibly feel secure in this gentle exchange between the feminine and the masculine energy? Is there even some healing in that?

Some deep knowledge that could be felt in owning our sexual power and in being admired? What if we just relaxed into the moment and received the praise? When I walk down the street and a man smiles at me appreciatively, this is what I think they are saying to me:

“I see you. I appreciate you. You are powerful. Thank you”. In my head I say “Thank you for seeing me.” Sometimes, I just walk on.Sometimes, I return the smile and sometimes even offer a wink. For me, there are some delicious moments of dancing between the feminine and the masculine in those moments. It costs nothing. It can be very healing. What do you think?

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Wisteria K.
Past Member 4 years ago


Are you aware this is something in the American culture.
I am Scandinavian and this does not resonate with me at all.
Not that it is any easier to a man here, but women are not that rude and afraid of most men as it seems they are in America. And maybe men in America have frighted women, so now they are scared ?

Nichola Mac Donough
Nichola Mac D4 years ago

I'm actually surprised that women would react like that, really? If a guy was to smile at me and say something nice it would sure brighten my day, and I'd definitely return his compliment with a smile! I find it hard to believe a woman would thing 'pig' if a guy smiled at her walking down the street

Kelley Hirst
Kelley Hirst4 years ago

At 53 it is nice to know I can still turn some heads from to time. But sometimes a man's attention isn't very nice if it is given with a sense of entitlement or loaded up with anything other than just an appreciation of a woman for being a woman.

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen4 years ago

Thank you :)

Krystal H.
Krystal H.4 years ago

For example, over 20 years ago, as I was walking down the street, a man turned to watch me walk past, smiled a big smile, and said " skinny in the waist and pretty in the face" . There was no sneer or threat in his voice or his face, just a big , happy smile. So I turned , while still continuing on my way, and gave him a big , happy smile back. I have never felt insulted or threatened by a wolf whistle, or a compliment that wasn't a statement of intent.I figure the fellow is trying to make my day a little brighter with a compliment, so I return the favour by showing him his compliment means something to me, with a big smile and a thank you, as I continue on my way.

Patricia H.
Patricia H4 years ago

Love it! Hey when you get to be 52 and your still getting admiration don't knock it. Plus I enjoy telling my husband later just to annoy him.

Leuth Novotny
.4 years ago

I completely agree.

Tammy Baxter
Tammy B4 years ago


Danial W.
Past Member 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Ro H.
Ro H4 years ago