Want to Stay Healthy? 5 Reasons to LOVE Squats

Squats are hell. No one is denying that. Squats simply do not become more fun the more you do them. Sure, they become progressively easier as your fitness improves, but they’re definitely no one’s idea of a good time.

However, squats are one of the absolute BEST exercises for human health—especially if you spend a lot of your day sedentary. That’s why I try to do at least 25 to 50 squats every day. Here’s why you should, too.

What do squats do for your body?

1. They will drastically improve your fitness.

Squats are a strength training activity and support significant muscle building, which is super important. After age 40, it becomes easier for our bodies to lose muscle mass and replace it with fat, particularly if we are inactive. Having a regular squat practice not only helps you keep the muscle mass you have, but it supports building a stronger core, which makes all fitness easier.

Now squat!

2. They are great for injury prevention, especially as you age.

If you’re sitting for hours a day, you probably have something known as gluteal amnesia, or dead butt. That means that your glutes are tight, weak and have forgotten how to fire properly.

Because the vast majority of us are walking around with dead butts, we are putting ourselves at greater risk for low back, hip, and knee injuries. These are the most common areas that get injured as we get older, and let’s be honest: no one likes to throw their back or knees out while picking up a box. Squats can help prevent that. Prescribe yourself some squats for strong joints and healthy aging.

3. Squats improve circulation.

This is an overlooked benefit to squatting. Squats encourage blood flow and lymph flow and encourage the proper flow of the digestive system (especially the small intestine). This helps to nourish and detoxify your body, so doing squats periodically throughout the day can really keep your systems moving.

Chica calentando

3. They make it easy to exercise anytime, anywhere.

You don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment to squat. You just do it. If you want to amp them up, you can do squat variations, like using a kettlebell to add more weight, but a handful of regular ol’ squats should do the trick any day. No excuses.

4. They make life easier.

Squats are a “functional exercise”, which means they make real life activities easier and less stressful on your body. You should see the benefits of your squatting practice pay off in your day-to-day life activities, like walking up the stairs. In a short time, you’ll feel a little stronger, and your weaker joints will cause you less and less discomfort. In terms of quality of life, squatting really pays off.

Need help learning how to squat properly?

Consult a trainer at your local gym, or check out any of the squillions of videos on YouTube that walk you through how to do a perfect squat. Then, you’ve got nothing stopping you.

Squat for health. Squat for wellness. Squat, squat, squat!

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