Wave Energy Project Coming to Oregon

The country’s first utility-scale wave power project is moving forward in construction. The 1.5 megawatt wave energy park will generate enough energy to power 375 or more homes. The park will likely be located 2.5 miles off the Oregon coast near Reedsport, and use ten electricity-generating buoys. PB150 PowerBuoys will be used to generate power, and the first one has been constructed at Oregon IronWorks. Oregon’s governor approves of the project, and has said, “The manufacture of the first buoy has already created dozens of green-energy jobs in Oregon and when the 10-buoy wave power project is built, a whole new industry will be created to benefit our coastal communities.”

The PowerBuoy works by moving up and down with wave motion, which causes an internal piston-like structure to drive an electrical generator. Sensors and communication technology allow the buoys to be adjusted to maximize electricity generation in different wave conditions.

The wave park will also include an underwater substation for power collection and an underwater cable to send the power to the Pacific Northwest electric grid. It is estimated the wave park will reduce CO2 emissions by 2,110 tons each year. Wave energy is renewable because once the technology is in place, there is a sufficient wave activity to maintain energy production for years. Potentially, the Reedsport wave park could be expanded to generate up to 50 MW of energy. Ocean Power Technologies is the company responsible for constructing the energy park.

Reedsport has a population of about 4,500, and is near the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

Image Credit: Ocean Power Technologies


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Welcome step. We need to have a goal of 100% alternate energies. Then we would reach at least 25% soon

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Johnny Wheelock5 years ago

I love it great way to Prevent global warming, we can also help with more efficient light bulbs! One of the simplest ways to prevent global warming is by using more efficient light bulbs. The Union of Concerned Scientists tell us that if every American household replaced just one incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent one, then over the life of the bulbs 90 billion pounds of CO2 emission would be prevented from going into the atmosphere.This is like taking 6.3 million cars off the road!

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sounds good, this keeps me optimistic that we can do our best to leave a healthy beautiful world for future generations...

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Like New York a small start, but may make a bit more difference here, but just stop wasting so much power& far to much inefficient lighting. This is hardly true I remembert 30 years ago a system was produced but, then UK Gvt asked the nuclear industry to see how good it was, well nguess what they said it would not work, they did not want the competition!! what a SURPRISE, so those who did not know of it you know who to blame.