Weird Cat Behavior – Photo Caption Winners!

Last week, we asked you to caption this weird cat behavior photo. Now, we present our top five favorite captions!

First, the grand prize winner, who will receive 5,000 Butterfly Rewards for her clever caption:

  • “Now, we’ll do the yoga pose called ‘Human Watching T.V.’” — Christina C.

And here are four more of our favorite captions:

  • “With all this humidity, I can’t do a THING with it… it’s out of control…” — Sherri P.
  • “I’m practicing my Semaphore. This one means ‘more sardines please.’” — Joseph G.
  • “And you choose NOW to photograph me??!!!” — Patricia A.
  • “Summer Olympics 2012: I won Gold in the ‘Tail Holding Cuteness Competition.’” — Susan D.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted a caption, and we hope you tune in for more Care2 Caption Contests, for the chance to win recognition and Butterfly Rewards!

Photo Credit: はんぶんねこ

Got a cute or funny pet photo of your own that needs a caption? Submit your photos to!


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Melania Padilla
Melania P4 years ago

Thanks, cats rock!!!

Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T4 years ago

Too cute!!!

Melinda K.
Past Member 4 years ago

great photo

Penny C.
penny C5 years ago


Katya J.
Katya J5 years ago

It is awesome! Really cute and adorable!
I love this cat! :-)

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance5 years ago

I'm late to this party but how about

"Oh! I caught a big one and it knocked me off my feet!"

greenplanet e.
greenplanet e5 years ago

So funny.

Ingo Schreiner
Ingo Schreiner5 years ago

very funny

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton5 years ago

She is beautiful. I had a cat that sucked it's tail, she was lovable and oh so sweet.

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M5 years ago

What a sweetie pie!