Puppy Thrown Out Like Garbage

By Lisa Spector, Canine Music Expert, Juilliard Graduate, and co-creator of Through a Dog’s Ear.

You may have already heard about Patrick, the Pit Bull who was tied up outside his person’s door in New Jersey, nearly starved to death, and later found in a garbage chute, tossed out like trash. Patrick’s standard weight should be 50 pounds. When a maintenance man at the apartment complex discovered him moving in a plastic bag in the garbage, he weighed in at 20 pounds. Pictures of his skeletal body are so horrific that I won’t even post them here. The City of Newark Animal Control brought him in for veterinary care, and his temperature was so low that it didn’t even register on the thermometer.

As disturbing as that scene is, life has been gradually improving for Patrick. Two weeks later, he is eating, has gained a few pounds, and is even giving kisses to his caretakers. Patrick is enjoying the attention of many visitors, is spending more time walking about, and spends time in one of the administrator’s offices at GSVS Pet Hospital, surrounded by toys. Hopefully he will also soon be listening to music that is clinically demonstrated to relieve anxiety issues. Upon the suggestion of pet blogger CeliaSue Hecht, I just sent him a copy of Music to Calm your Canine Companion yesterday. He was found just before St. Patrick’s Day and was named Patrick, in hopes that he will have the luck of the Irish. So far, he is appearing to have been given the perfect name.

After an outcry from the public and media, charges against his New Jersey owner, Kisha Curtis, were upgraded from disorderly persons offenses to indictable offense of torment and torture, a fourth-degree criminal charge that carries a sentence of 18 months in jail and/or a $3,000 fine if she is convicted.

People everywhere are wanting to adopt Patrick. While I’m sure a very devoted, loving animal lover will adopt him, shelters are over crowded with pets who have been neglected and a huge majority are currently Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes. Pit Bull lovers everywhere are hoping that this story touches the hearts of many and encourages people to visit their local shelters and rescue organizations and consider adoption.

A website has been started to establish Patrick’s Law, which would create stronger animal abuse legislation nationwide. You can also “Like” a very active Facebook page with nearly 30,000 fans which is all about Patrick and Patrick’s Law.

You can view a photo gallery of Patrick’s progress here.

A petition has been started that would enforce stronger animal abuse laws. Sign the petition here.

What do you think should be the charge for the woman who is responsible for this horrific act? She is currently being held at the Passaic County jail on $10,000 bail.

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Image credit: Associated Humane Societies


rhonda dorothy k.
rhonda knight7 years ago

This foul creature who tortured this beautiful little boy should be getting a lot more than a few months jail time and a fine.How about tying her up to something in public putting a sign around her neck telling the world what a lowsy excuse for a human she is and NO one is allowed to feed or water her for at least a month???

Debra G.
Debra D7 years ago

Kisha Curtis is a barbarian and should be put in prison for years, not months. Anyone who can do that to a defenseless animal does not belong in a civil society. She is dangerous.

A W.
A Weber7 years ago

I find it so amazing what a quick recovery Patrick has made given the proper basics of life - including love. :)

Armenia Redfield

People that treat animals bad needs a good kicking & more than once !!!!!!!!

Rani K.
Rani K.7 years ago

One cause for this problem is over breeding. The other is giving gifts of pets to non-animal lovers. If you are a real animal lover you are going to find out whether the receiver of a pet really wants a pet as a gift. The obvious answer here, as I see it, is that neither the gift giver nor the receiver were animal lovers. There must be thousands of Patricks like this abused everyday. Let's think about all of them. Until June 2nd we will not know what Patrick's fate will be. Until then, no point in going on about him. As for this Great Kisha, if she is not punished properly, it will create a precedent that anyone can get away with anything where animal abuse is concerned. May all Patricks find enough care and love somewhere.

Despina V.
Despina Vekris7 years ago

What on earth is the world coming too.Hope the abuser gets paid back,why didnt he give the poor dog away ?

Despina V.
Despina Vekris7 years ago

I hope the abuser cries as much as poor patrick did .Keep up the good work you guys the world needs people like yourselves.

Vera T.
Vera T7 years ago

May this abuser of Patrick receive the maximum sentence ( and animal cruelty laws should be far stronger ) this should send a message to all those psychopaths who think that animals are put on earth to be abused. I hope the outcome of Patrick's future will be secure and he lives a long and happy life.

Caz Caswell
Norman Caswell7 years ago

Kisha Curtis should be tied to a tree with chains, and not feed for three months, she how she likes it!

Past Member
Past Member 7 years ago

Lots Of Luv 2 Patrick... Mmuuuhhhh.........................