What Dosha Are You?

Are you the type that could eat all day long? Or the type that gets cold all the time? Do you have a thick-frame or oily skin? Are you intentional about your day-to-day activities or quick moving? Each of these unique characteristics, alongside many others, helps to make up your specific dosha.

Ayurveda is a 5,000-6,000-year-old Indian health tradition in which each individual is unique and requires different lifestyles and diets. Doshas act like a blueprint to help each individual navigate their unique differences. When in balance your dosha leads you to greater physical and mental wellbeing. Your dosha encompasses unique characteristics of behavior, shape, preferences, emotions and appearances for each individual.

The doshas represent a mixture of two of the five elements (fire, water, earth, wind and space) and their related properties. If you resonate with more than one dosha, then you have a dual-doshic constitution, which means you have two dominant doshas. We each carry all three within us, but only one or two will be dominant. So what are the doshas?

The Doshas

Vata †

Space and air, or wind, dominate the Vata constitutions. Think movement and expression. Vata individuals are active and on-the-go. Vatas are known for their creativity, self-expression and communication. They are fast thinkers and super flexible. Despite the movement, Vatas are cold-natured. Vatas need to rest often and nap regularly. Between rest and talking on the phone, Vatas are snacking or grazing. When out of balance, Vatas experience dry skin, anxiety, constipation.

Good for Vata:

  • Eat in a peaceful setting
  • Do wholesome activities
  • Go to sleep early
  • Avoid eating while anxious, depressed or on-the-go


The Pitta is ruled by the elements of fire and water. When you think of Pitta images of hot liquid and sharp edges should come to mind. Or you may imagine acidic tastes. When in balance, the Pitta individual is naturally and easily joyful with a sharp and stunning intellect backed by loads of courage and drive. This exuberant nature leads the Pitta to eat large amounts of food. An imbalanced Pitta individual can become angry with an oversized ego. This imbalanced Pitta can be bitter and overbearing.

Good for Pitta:

  • Peaceful environments with calm activities, like walking in nature
  • Daily meditation
  • Gentle exercise like tai chi, yoga or walking
  • Avoid overworking
  • Donít be over-competitive
  • Donít eat while angry


Kapha types encompass earth and water elements. Kapha qualities include moist, cold, dull, soft, static, sticky like glue or cement. Kaphas hold things together. Kapha types in balance are very loving, forgiving and patient. But when out of balance, Kaphas can be greedy, over-attached, lethargic and depressed. Kapha acts as a grounding constitution for the other two doshas, which helps to bring the other two into balance.

Good for Kapha:

  • Eat in a loving environment and avoid eating Kapha-aggravating foods
  • Donít overeat
  • Donít eat when emotionally upset
  • Make non-attachment a daily practice
  • Get plenty of sleep with a regular sleep schedule, avoid naps
  • Practice introspection with meditation and contemplation
  • Avoid spending too much time inside

Final Thoughts

Your dosha presents itself in varying ways depending on your environment, stress and the weather. Each day is different. And how you respond to your varying presentations determines how your dosha will continue to show up in your physical, emotional and mental states. You can change the foods you eat or how you care for yourself to bring your dosha back into balance.

Want to know your dosha? Take this quiz to learn!

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