What Gift for You?

When asked by friends and family, many of us have difficulty giving gift suggestions for ourselves. We find ourselves mumbling, trying to dredge up memories of household things we might need, such as a pitchfork, or lampshade.

We’re here to help you think out of the box! Articles abound about socially responsible and humanitarian gift giving, gifts to give from the heart, gifts that give gifts by giving to others, and more. Turn these ideas around, and think about what would be a meaningful gift for you in your name: Ask for love in action! Here are some ideas:

Has it ever occurred to you to ask for a gift of a milk-producing goat for a Christmas present? Or to adopt a snowy white owl? These gifts are humanitarian–gifts that give gifts–so for example, with your gift a portion of the cost of a goat will be given to a poor rural farmer so that she can then feed her children. Or, if you love the wilderness, you can ask for a gift be given to protect special places in the wild.

Here are more ideas:

Gifts of Compassion, and Gifts to Visionary Organizations.

Six Humanitarian Gift Ideas

Gifts of Service

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By Annie B. Bond


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giving a gift to charity is a wonderful idea...it comes from the heart

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I love to give charity gifts. I know that many of the recipients don't need any more 'stuff' and it's great to instead be able to help someone whose life will really benefit from the money spent.

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