What is Dopamine?

You know that instant warm and fuzzy feeling you get when your phone dings because someone you like just sent you a text? That’s all thanks to dopamine: a ” feel good” neurotransmitter in your brain that plays a huge role in reward-seeking behavior.

Dopamine motivates us to seek out activities that give us pleasure, like chocolate, sex, shopping or even drugs. It establishes within us an anticipatory desire for new things, fun things, exciting things.

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Why do we need it?

Dopamine may sound unproductive, but if you think about it, the chemical actually has a very important role to play in keeping us alive! Some argue that without it humans would never have “left the sofa,” so to speak – that we would spend our lives lazing around, not trying to achieve or discover anything at all.

In other words, “the dopamine seeking system keeps you motivated to move through your world, learn, and survive.”

Dopamine keeps us:

  • Eager for the hunt. It encourages us to do things by establishing an addiction to the rush.
  • From rocking the boat. It encourages us to seek validation of others. This is why Facebook notifications make you feel special.
  • Feeling like we belong. It encourages us to be a part of groups that make us feel safe and happy.

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Is it addicting?

Oh, absolutely.

There’s a reason why repetitive tasks like checking Instagram or reading incoming email becomes so habitual – compulsive even. Dopamine does not simply cause you to experience pleasure; it causes you to want it, to seek it out. 

This means that every time you respond to that *ding* on your cell-phone, you experience instant gratification: a dopamine loop that causes your brain to chemically want more, more, more!

Not only is this cycle addicting, but it is potentially dangerous.

What is Dopamine- Care2.com

How can I manage it?

While dopamine is a vital, necessary aspect of our mental and physical world, it can force us into a loop in which we are constantly seeking that new “high.

To stop a dopamine loop and get into a more productive mindset, just turn off the cues. Turn off all automatic notifications on your phone and on your desktop computer, and choose instead to set aside specific chunks of time to focus on those tasks. Dispel the myth of multitasking!


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